Set up tents and guard the first line of defense in Hejiafen Community, Shijingshan District

2022-09-19 0 By

Faced with the severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control, Hejiafen Community in Shijingshan District intensified publicity efforts to actively publicize epidemic prevention and control knowledge, by Posting epidemic prevention and control letters, placing epidemic prevention propaganda boards in public areas, and publicizing epidemic prevention policies by telephone, wechat and knocking on doors.In the field epidemic prevention work in communities, the community has been protected by means of scanning codes, registering temperatures, Posting one-meter noodles, eliminating diseases in public areas, providing services for people living at home, and mobilizing mass prevention and control forces, while promoting epidemic prevention and control.For wide scope of jurisdiction, the resident population, more intensive migrants return to Beijing, the family grave community change the meeting room to epidemic prevention and control work station in the middle of march, at the same time set up three groups outbreak program group, each group of four people, every day and night, but to give up to rest at noon time, uninterrupted MoPai, at the same time strengthen overall past unattended, adhere to the 24-hour control,Temperature measurement, registration, code checking and verification should be strictly implemented to ensure good entry and control.In the face of the new situation of the frequent occurrence of COVID-19 epidemic sites in multiple areas, considering the actual needs of epidemic prevention and control and personnel safety, Hejiafen community prepared to set up prevention and control tents since late March, and moved the prevention and control work stations originally built in the meeting room to the outdoor.On April 8, the community prevention and control tent was officially put into operation. The tent was fully equipped with hardware Settings, and three staff members were working in the tent to handle residents’ pop-up Windows and people at risk of the epidemic in the area.Residents line up to register and scan codes according to epidemic prevention procedures, and consult community workers about related issues.The community has guarded the first door of epidemic prevention and control, and residents have also voluntarily and conscientiously complied with all epidemic prevention and control measures, and worked together on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Community workers have forged a strong synergy in fighting the epidemic with their original aspiration and mission, building an iron wall in the hearts of the people.Zone melting media center new media production, deputy section chief Zhang Yuhai sinking family grave community, though less than a month, but he in get along with all of you as well as the residents of the masses to provide services in the process, feel the community worker team spirit of solidarity and far, afraid tired spirit of service, he said, the future will continue to play the cutting edge exemplary role,In the epidemic prevention and control work, we must show our identity and take action to fight on the front line and forge a broader synergy in the fight against the epidemic.Zuo Dongfang, party secretary of Hejiafen Community, said the prevention and control of the epidemic should not be relaxed. The community is the first line of prevention and control, and the community will work together to guard the gate.Next, all members of the community will continue to fight to ensure that the epidemic does not appear in the community, protect the safety and health of residents, and build a solid epidemic prevention barrier.