Local media: Chinese super League Wuhan three towns will sign Brazil central defender Wallace 250,000 euros to buy 2.5 million euros foreign aid

2022-09-19 0 By

According to ajansspor, Chinese Super League (CSL) wuhan Sanzhen are set to sign Brazilian central defender Wallace-Santos from Turkish super League Malatya Sports for a transfer fee of 250,000 euros.Wallace, 27, started his career as a central defender at Cruzeiro in Brazil. He is 1.91 meters tall and moved to Braga in the European League in 2014. He has also played for Monaco and Lazio and has been the first central defender of both European clubs.Wallace has been a regular fixture at Turin Malattia since joining from lazio on a free transfer in the summer of 2020.Wallace this season so far, a total of 18 matches for Malatya Sports in the local super league, all starting.Wallace’s contract with Malathia sports expires at the end of this season, so wuhan three towns can get a German transfer worth 2.5 million euros as a central defender for just 250,000 euros, which is sure to be a classic move after the Chinese Super League.Wallace successfully joined the wuhan three towns, is expected to become the new army in the super defense leader, he and Malkang a tail to maintain the team’s air superiority, at the same time in the team’s set-piece tactics play the role of a big kill, is both offensive and defensive.