Lantu’s 10,000: The likelihood of success is as high as the intensity of the battle

2022-09-19 0 By

Recently, LAN Map 4.0 digital factory in Wuhan, Hubei officially rolled off the production line of the 10,000th vehicle.June 30, 2021 LAN Tu FREE’s first production car rolled off the production line to achieve this achievement, LAN Tu only took 205 days.For a flagship high-end series of brand new, this is a leapfrog achievement, but also explained the LAN map brand flagship technology and luxury tonality is gradually taking shape, proved the Dongfeng company “jump action” is not a slogan.To LAN Map this brand, to tell the truth, at the beginning I still hold skeptical attitude to it.At that time, after all, LAN Map’s brand release conference, the slogan aimed at creating a “real zero anxiety high-end intelligent electric brand” was too much like a slogan for me.Well…We taste a product of these words: “high-end, independent, real, zero anxiety”, if not witnessed its strength and confidence, who will not feel that this is in wang Po-sell melon, boast?But now the facts prove that “LAN Map” really have “blueprint” that taste, whether it is strategic positioning, or the actual tactical execution, LAN map have standing on the shoulders of the giants of the field of vision with pattern: from the first range SUV to the second MPV, the third car, LAN map has planned 9 new models;At the same time, with the substantial increase in the amount of delivery, LAN Map is also actively promote the direct network layout, continue to force the channel end, the final effect is also expected.In other words, behind the 10,000th vehicle off the line, what is reflected in the speed of LAN map?First of all, how do you get speed?In my opinion, building a car should not only be fast, but also down-to-earth, fast and steady.For LAN figure, this fast up the first point, is a congenital advantage:As we all know, LAN Tu can even be called the representative of the “national team” compared with the new forces of car manufacturing, when it started to maintain a huge advantage – LAN Tu’s parent company, Dongfeng Group has more than 50 years of exploration and practice in the automotive industry, accumulated more than 50 million users trust and support.From this set of data, LAN Figure is indeed born with a golden spoon, whether it is financing, channels, or accumulation of technology, family inheritance, LAN Figure has a unique advantage, which is also the foundation of its speed up.But in real life, countless experiences tell us that sometimes the fate of a brand is determined by more than family heritage.In addition, the current automobile market is changing rapidly. There are endless new car building forces in the past and traditional giants who are ready to “turn around” covetously. In such a social background, only a suitable track can go faster.This is also the second point that LAN Tu can get up quickly, and choose the right track: in my opinion, the biggest problem that pure electric car encounters now is not enough charging pile, nor is it range anxiety, but also the problem of charging efficiency.If pure electric cars can find charging piles everywhere, as petrol cars can, and can be filled from the bottom of the meter in two minutes, what’s the anxiety about range?With this in mind, and most of the new forces of building cars specializing in a technical route, arashi figure provides pure electric and extended range of electric power solutions, let the user can choose according to their own actual situation, can take into account the acceleration of electrification architecture brings pleasure, and can solve problem of anxiety in the pure electric vehicle range.Before charging difficult this social structural problem has not been completely solved, LAN Map chose to stand with the user, do their best, maximize to meet the user urban commuting, long-distance travel and other scenarios of the car demand.Choosing the right track to be fast is meaningful fast.The right choice is like sailing with the current, like moving toward the dawn, the effort will always be rewarded.Otherwise, what’s the point of going fast when you’re running in the wrong direction?The third point, and I think the most important point: LAN map fast, not only reflected in the completion of their own planning speed, more importantly, it also reflects a two-way communication with the user fast.Take a very simple example, looking at the current traditional passenger car specific, the main brand upward with electric transformation of independent brands are not a few, from Chery, the Great Wall, Geely to Changan, Beiqi, SAIC…..It can be said that the current stage of independent brands, has been the brand upward and electric transformation as a consensus.But still a huge gap between knowledge and practice, when it comes to system innovation, the traditional car companies, especially state-owned enterprise leadership is leadership, they will not think of themselves as a stone, like li bin to go in the river in the user operation and will not become like xiao-peng he xiao peng, in the final analysis, or his achievements.But in LAN map here, I have a completely different feeling and expectation: in LAN map user logic, they will be based on the user and product is suitable for this point to consider, which determines a new brand for “what can I do for you?”Whether the central question is answered correctly or not.For example, LAN Map provides the most complete solution to the age-old problem of range anxiety, including electric pile, quick charge, temporary power change, emergency supply point and so on, covering almost all possible scenarios of power shortage, so that LAN Map users basically achieve zero range anxiety.Generally speaking, since the choice of innovation, it is equivalent to the initiative to embrace the new era, and the new era has the new era of play, in this road to forge ahead, how much opportunity, how much risk;The likelihood of success is as high as the intensity of the battle.LAN Diagram in the chip supply shortage under the impact of only 205 days on the production line of 10,000 cars speed, undoubtedly to this journey started a good start.As for the future of LAN Diagram can run how fast, can walk how far, we might as well wait and see.