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Tiger starts after the Beijing Olympics related topic continues to high heat everyone concerned about the Olympics and enthusiasm seemed to extend the holiday fierce winter games in the competition but also created a kingdom hot flashes Chinese wind again ones of “dragon shirt” Wu Dajing GuAiLing “sun story helmet” China’s ice hockey team goalkeeper shield “long teng hu yue Ming wall” and so on the equipment to the Chinese culture through the iceDuring the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the design of the countdown to the 24 solar terms left a deep impression on us.The beginning of Spring, with the 24 solar terms as the beginning, shows the replacement of spring, summer, autumn and winter in the picturesque landscape and poetic painting, not only let the eyes of a bright, let a person can not help but praise the “Chinese aesthetics” of romance.Many netizens flooded their screens after watching the opening ceremony, saying “the 24 solar terms are too advanced” and “This is the romance of Chinese people”.Gu Ailing won China’s first moguls gold medal in her first Winter Olympics, as well as the first gold medal in women’s freestyle big jump.GuAiLing dressed in “heros garments in China” in the game is very attractive, prior to that, she was on the social platform demonstrated his ski equipment designed for the winter Olympic Games, her helmet also have a dragon, shoulders and back are the Chinese dragon back and golden xiangyun, “golden can bring good luck to the person, gold is one of my goals”.GuAiLing, said her ski equipment is designed for the Olympics, “the theme of this year is the Chinese dragon, animals my helmet, there are dragon design on skis, coat behind also has, all the way to the shoulder, happens to be a leading v in the above, I also write in English on the skis’ the dragon of people, hope to be able to add some Chinese elements in the Olympics,To show them to friends around the world and make more people interested in Chinese culture.”Gu Ailing’s “dragon robe” is really beautiful and sayin, shining!Wu Dajing’s helmet is called “Sun Rasheng, the God of War of China” from the three star heap and the design style of Chinese culture, rasheng protect the body, invincible!The Chinese short track speed skating team won gold MEDALS in the mixed relay and men’s 1,000m at the Winter Olympics, attracting attention with their Chinese-inspired helmets, which all have their own names.Wu Dajing wears a helmet named “Chinese God of War Sun Dasheng”, printed on the red background with golden Monkey King pattern, take the design style of Sanxingdui and Chinese culture and qinggang modeling style to redesign and performance Sun Wukong, the god of war, the performance of the stadium short track speed skating team’s magnificent momentum.The helmet ren ziwei wears is named “Yiriding Dust-Juying”, with the Chinese characters “Juying” written on the front.Juying Horse is one of the famous colts in ancient China. It is the mount of Cao Cao. It runs like a shadow passing by, representing the speed of Ren Ziwei in medium and long distances.Li wenlong and Qu Chunyu wore helmets named “Jiaoruoyoulong”, featuring two golden dragons with awe-inspiring power.In addition to helmets, the team uniforms of short-track speed skaters also have Chinese elements. Chinese red is added to the team uniforms, which is gradually combined with black to form a publicity and calm feeling.Perched on its chest, a golden Chinese dragon snakes from its chest to its right shoulder, imposing as the athletes glide and swing their arms.Cuff position and back are printed with the design of ruyi lock, building a classical lasting appeal at the same time, but also delivered the good meaning of all the best.Long teng hu yue female ice goalkeeper of “Chinese wind” equipment handsome Fried on the winter Olympic Games’ hockey field of the Chinese women’s ice hockey team goalkeeper has become the focus is on a knee embroidered with ssangyong’s helmet on the pattern of the dragon and the Great Wall guards with Chinese style elements have a net friend call her hip “long teng hu yue Ming wall shield” athletes not only get the “double dragon hip” more to show the world in the equipmentZhou Jiaying, the goalkeeper of the Chinese women’s ice hockey team, caught the eye in her knee pads embroidered with Twin Dragons and helmet with a picture of the Great Wall.”I think the dragon is Chinese and I want to show Chinese culture to the world,” she said.During the 3-1 win over Denmark in the opening game, “The protective gear of Chinese women’s ice hockey goalie is so handsome” was trending on the Internet. Before the game began, zhou Jiaying was seen wearing protective gear on her way to the court.Later, some weibo users also posted photos of Zhou’s competition equipment, including a golden dragon helmet and a protective gear with a dragon pattern all over her body.Zhou also explained the idea of the helmet: ‘It’s a dragon. Dragons represent good luck and strength in Chinese culture.The artists also added elements of the Great Wall, which is a miracle.On the back of the helmet is the Chinese national flag.The gaiters are two dragons facing each other, so the helmet will also match.In fact, in the opening game against the Czech Republic, the Chinese women’s hockey team chose to wear bright red, very festive home team uniforms.Climbing walls?The perfect combination of ski course and the Great Wall The construction of slopestyle course in Genting Ski Park in Chongli in addition to professional there is also a word is very image that is too China!Located at The Genting Ski Park in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, the slopestyle course incorporates elements of the Great Wall and beacon tower. Athletes from all over the world can ski on the “Great Wall of Snow” and experience “climbing on the wall”.Genting Snow track sculpting team is composed of more than 50 Chinese and foreign sculpting experts, and the most representative work is the Great Wall landscape of slope obstacle course.Wang Shitong, deputy manager of mountain operation of Genting Ski Park, introduced that the starting area of the course was built in the shape of a beacon tower on the Great Wall, and there was a very classical ancient house down. Wang Shitong said: “Su Yiming jumped onto the house during the race, and then did a somersault down, which must have impressed everyone.”Further down, there is a turret, and further down is a watchtower, which is the different style of the three prop areas.”The inspiration comes from Shanhaiguan, which is not only beautiful, but also has a practical function of windbreak,” said Wang.”Even if there is no Beijing Olympic logo, you know it must be China when you look at the track and see the Great Wall.”Chinese ice dancers Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu took inspiration from a famous painting of the Northern Song Dynasty, A Panorama of Rivers and Mountains, which was also the inspiration for their free-dancing costumes this season.Liu xinyu said the outfit uses the turquoise color of Chinese landscape, a color that can only be made in China and rarely seen abroad.”It just so happens that when we first designed our costume, we wanted green mountains and clear waters, and then the Spring Festival Gala happened to have a green waist.”Wang shiyue says they hope to show Chinese culture to the world at the Olympics.To match the chinese-style costume, Wang Shiyue/Liu Xinyu chose kung Fu Panda, a Chinese-style music that can be understood abroad.In the men’s single short program of figure skating, Jin Boyang once again performed the sword and sword of crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon on ice.Previously, in the pairs free skating event of the team competition, The Chinese athletes Peng Cheng and Jin Yang presented a “night banquet on ice” with the music of “Escape from the Snow”, “Sword Dance” and “I repay Love with All”.These well-known songs awaken people’s emotions and memories, and Chinese-style movies and sports games achieve dreamlike linkage, which netizens call extremely comfortable.The knitting flowers, the award bouquet of the Winter Olympic Games, are also crocheted by Shanghai style knitting techniques. Compared with flowers, knitting flowers are immortal, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, embodying the concept of “green Olympics” and adding warmth to the ice and snow games.At the same time, the best wishes and sincere feelings of the Chinese people were woven into the bouquet. Every stitch is the romance of the Chinese people. The flowers will never fade, just like the Olympic spirit of never giving up.At the awarding ceremony, etiquette volunteers dressed in the awarding dress with Chinese characteristics “Auspicious Clouds of Snow” came slowly.The design inspiration of the dress comes from the two auspicious Chinese traditional symbols of “auspicious snow” and “auspicious clouds”. In style, it combines the collar and right front of deep clothes since the Han and Tang dynasties in China, connects the clothes under the jacket, and combines the modern clothes with the folded jacket, integrating the profound Oriental cultural heritage with the international modern style.On the skirt, the mountain shape and ski line elements extracted from the core graphics of the Winter Olympics are very dynamic.The audience concerned about the performance of the Chinese Winter Olympics athletes have noticed that Gu Ailing, Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei and other award-winning athletes have received the golden ice dun dun.”Around Byeongdun dun is a golden wreath of pines, bamboos and plums.Pine trees, bamboo and plum trees are also known as’ three friends of winter and Winter ‘in China, implying tenacity, tenacity and strong vitality.”This special souvenir is to express the praise, respect and good wishes for the winning athletes.Foreign athletes also fall in love with the Chinese style.French alpine skier Matthieu Pfeffer’s helmet features giant pandas, dragons, the Great Wall and the recent Internet craze for koi carp, prompting netizens to call him “understand China!”Matthieu Feffer said he designed the design to send greetings to the Chinese people.The Russian Olympic Team uniform also has the Chinese dragon pattern.Swiss snowboarder Nicholas Huber has posted a video of him dressed up as a tiger directly on social media to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Tiger.Canadian star Mark McMorris, whose skateboard features a giant panda, is also the idol of young Chinese player Su Yiming.The winter Olympics in these full Chinese wind elements to come to participate in the athletes brought a Chinese aesthetic immersion experience sportsmanship and culture collision out of the spark has become the best footnote of cultural confidence so many Chinese elements appear in the Winter Olympics stadium users have said: China’s confidence in the legend!Source: Upstream News, China News Network, Half Moon Talk, Sina Weibo Editor: Wang Bingzi Qilu One Point Content Center produced