Green civilization worship shows the grief of citizens

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In early spring, the whole cemetery was bathed in bright sunshine.Feng Guoli and Liu Taolong, staff members of the De ‘an Cemetery in Dezhou Public Cemetery, are carrying out memorial services for customers at 9:00 PM on March 31.Dress well, bring sacrificial offerings, go to the gravestone, slowly wipe the dust and mud on the gravestone, on behalf of relatives to say a message to the deceased……The whole process is solemn and meticulous.Texas has suspended funeral services due to the outbreak.In order to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the services for people’s tomb-sweeping day, the Civil Affairs Bureau will continue to provide services such as “cloud sweeping” and “proxy sweeping”.As Tomb-sweeping Day approaches, the guardians of the cemetery are busy.Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese folk custom.In view of the current risk of the spread of the epidemic, the Office of the Leading Group for epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation of the Municipal Party Committee of Dezhou issued a notice on March 28, requiring all funeral homes, cemeteries, urns and other funeral services in the city to suspend funeral services during the Qingming Festival.The city’s funeral service agencies responded to the call of the civil affairs bureau, during the Qingming Festival to carry out the activities on behalf of the people to comfort the feelings of mourning.”We have received reservations from more than a dozen family members, and they will pay their respects one by one during the Qingming Festival.”Han Guowei, head of the De ‘an Cemetery, said that since its completion at the end of 2020, the cemetery has launched services such as surrogate memorial services, on the one hand to meet the needs of relatives who can not go home, on the other hand to replace relatives who can not enter the park due to the epidemic, in order to make up for the regret of relatives who can not attend the memorial service in person.The Fushan Cemetery in Dezhou city also offers free incense burning and funeral services. A staff member said: “This is a new trend of sacrificial worship. What remains unchanged is the mourning and remembrance of the deceased by relatives and friends.In addition, during the Qingming Festival, dezhou Funeral parlour and Yongan Cemetery will hold a public ceremony to offer flowers to the deceased and express their grief for their families.Nearly 40,000 people have visited “clouds” to remember the dead. In previous years, tomb Sweeping Day and tomb Sweeping Day are the peak time for people to perform on-site sacrifices, but this year is quite different.Since dezhou Civil Affairs Bureau “cloud mourning” online, there have been 39,396 people through the network to express their condolences.”It’s the first time I heard about the online memorial service. It’s a meaningful platform for people who can’t go back to their hometown to pay their respects.”Mr. Li, a citizen, said that with this platform, we can not only avoid the risk of the spread of the epidemic, but also fully take care of the people’s heart, which is considerate and convenient, and deserves praise.It is worth mentioning that the “cloud worship” platform will be used as a new trend to open a long-term worship service, in a green, civilized and low-carbon way of mourning, remembering their loved ones, to send “cloud thoughts”.Citizens who carry out online memorial service can pay attention to the wechat public account of “Dezhou Civil Affairs bureau”, click the sub-menu “Cloud memorial Service” to enter the column, and then operate according to the page prompts.After the experience, reporters found that the whole process is easy to operate, and the scene is very similar to the field.After entering the memorial page, citizens can enter the deceased’s name, ancestral home, birth and death year and biography, and relevant information will be displayed on the tombstone.By clicking the button at the bottom of the cemetery scene, you can offer flowers and fruits to the deceased.Let civilization sweep the wind prevailing in Dezhou on March 31, in de ‘an Cemetery, several citizens who came to buy public cemetery are discussing.”We came here to choose the tomb. It has all the facilities, there are people to maintain it and the environment is good.”Guo Zhen, a resident of Nanyuan Huacheng, said, “I hope the government can build more public cemeteries to benefit more Dezhou citizens.”Guo said they were also attracted by the personalized valet service offered by de ‘an Cemetery.”In this special period, suspending on-site mourning and adopting simple mourning can reduce the risk of infection.It is the best comfort for the deceased to protect themselves.”Zhang Wei, chief of the social affairs department of Dezhou Civil Affairs Bureau, called on the public to remember the deceased through online and offline memorial services, as well as through tree planting and spring outing.”Cloud sacrifice” and “acting sacrifice” are also the inheritance and respect of traditional culture. Although the way of carrying out the ceremony is different from the past, there is no priority in humanistic feelings, and the operation is more convenient, the form is more ecological and environmental protection. We advocate everyone to practice, so that the wind of civilized sacrifice will prevail in Dezhou.