Fourteen departments issued a joint document!All this money, we can save it

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On February 18, the National Development and Reform Commission and 14 other government departments issued several policies on Promoting The Recovery and Development of Distressed Industries in the Service sector, proposing a number of specific measures.The supporting measures mentioned in the document are related to catering industry and tourism, including the continuation of the value-added tax deduction policy for the service industry. In 2022, the current deductible input tax of the taxpayers of the production and life service industry will continue to be deducted by 10% and 15% respectively.We will guide takeout and other Internet platform enterprises to further lower service fee standards for catering businesses and reduce operating costs of relevant catering enterprises.In 2022, we will continue to implement the policy of support for the quality of tourism service by tourist agencies, maintain 80% of eligible travel agencies, and encourage qualified places to further increase the proportion of tourism agencies.The advance payment of VALUE-ADDED tax by railway transport enterprises will be suspended for one year in 2022.The advance payment of VALUE-ADDED tax by air transport enterprises will be suspended for one year in 2022.In 2022, VAT will be exempted for passenger ferry, bus passenger transport, subway, urban light rail, taxi, long-distance passenger transport, shuttle bus and other public transport services.In 2022, small and micro enterprises in the service industry and individual businesses in county-level administrative areas listed as high-risk areas will be exempted from renting state-owned houses for six months in 2022, and for three months in other areas.Local governments can coordinate all types of funds to provide appropriate support to small and micro businesses in the service sector and individual businesses that rent non-state-owned houses.Non-state-owned rental entities are encouraged to reasonably share the losses caused by the epidemic on the basis of equal consultation.Local governments are encouraged to grant rent-reduction or exemption to homeowners who have real difficulties in paying the property tax and urban land use tax in 2022 in accordance with regulations and local conditions.If rent reduction or exemption affects the performance of state-owned enterprises and institutions, it shall be recognized according to the actual situation in the assessment.According to the document, strict, scientific and precise epidemic prevention and control measures will be implemented, and the trend of “lax” and “excessive” prevention and control will be avoided.Strictly implement the “five No-no” requirements of the Epidemic prevention policy of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council: people from low-risk areas shall not be prohibited from returning home;The scope of medium-high risk areas should not be expanded at will.Travel restrictions shall not be arbitrarily extended from medium-high risk areas and the district (county) to the local city;People in low-risk areas shall not be quarantined or persuaded to return without authorization.The period of quarantine shall not be arbitrarily extended.On this basis, the document further proposes targeted epidemic prevention requirements for the service industry — no city or area closures in breach of relevant epidemic prevention and control regulations, and no public transport interruptions without necessary approval.Restaurants, supermarkets, scenic spots, cinemas and other related service places shall not be closed or extended without adjustment or policy basis.Additional epidemic prevention and control measures for the service industry should not be arbitrarily added based on the policy requirements of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council.If it is really necessary to take measures such as sealing off cities and areas, interrupting traffic or strengthening epidemic prevention and control on an existing basis, the measures must be reported to the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council for approval.Source: Hubei released, the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission, CCTV financial editor: Song Xiaoyu supervised production: Hong Wei produced: Xianning Daily network media center to recommend: buy employees, inside and outside collusion, illegal profit…5 people sentenced in Xianning!Xianning public security emergency reminder!Xianning will build and expand 114 kindergartens!