Durant tied for first place in Nets!36+5 nets moved up to seventh, and Irving made 1 of 7 Ramadan 3s

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With a 118-107 win over the Cavaliers on Sunday, the Nets edged the Cavaliers out of seventh place and now stand seventh in the Eastern Conference with a 43-38 record.This game Durant leans to play, mid-range shooting, three-point shots are sharp, free throw line is also 100 shots, become the biggest contributor to the Nets win.Durant battled hard for 41 minutes, with Irving hitting Garland in the head with his hip while diving for the ball, but thankfully it wasn’t serious.In assist teammates, Durant is also performance to force, a direct move to distract, do not look at the people pass assist Clarkston fly hang basket dunk.His best midrange shot was perfect every time, he caught the ball and threw it safely, and the Cavaliers couldn’t defend Durant.Durant finished with 36 points, five rebounds, five assists, two blocks and one steal in 41 minutes, with a plus-16. He made 11 of 20 field goals, 4 of 6 3-pointers and 10 free throws, making him the most trusted player in the Nets.Durant scored his 25th 30-point game of the season in a win over the Cavaliers, tying Vince Carter for the most in Nets history with his 26th 30-point game in the 2006-2007 season. The Nets aren’t done yet, and Durant could hit his 26th 30-point game in his next game.Irving’s performance is not optimistic, due to the impact of Ramadan, Irving’s overall performance is relatively low, the second half of the game is 2 of 11, which makes the Nets’ offensive efficiency seriously declined, xin lost Durant in the bottom, otherwise this game can not win the ball is not sure!Irving finished with 18 points, six rebounds and eight assists in 39 minutes, making just seven of 22 field goal attempts, including one of seven from 3-point range, as the Nets struggled late in the game.Ramadan seems to have affected Irving a lot. Now that the Nets are using Durant more sharply, Irving needs to help durant more on the offensive end.Now the Nets need to defend the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference and try to make the playoffs as the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference, so they have the psychological advantage.Do you think Durant can go 30+ in his next game?(Text/ball attacker)