Double Olympic city blowing youth sports whirlwind large-scale animation “hockey whirlwind” began

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In the rich atmosphere of “Beijing Time” of the Winter Olympics, China’s first large-scale ice hockey animated film “Ice Hockey Cyclone” carefully created by CCTV Animation Group will be broadcast on The Children’s channel of China Media Group on January 30, injecting vigor and vitality into the New Year of the Tiger.Ice hockey not only has strong antagonism and high appreciation, its development level also embodies the comprehensive economic and cultural strength of the country.Film with small see big Chinese ice hockey, children from the leading role is in the Beijing hutong life, not only presented the imperial palace, Great Wall and other places of historic interest in Beijing architectural beauty and history of the show, at the same time shows China’s thriving, modern metropolis recreates the high-speed rail, shopping and so on the development of China’s “new four great inventions” with each passing day,It opens a window for the world to understand China’s development achievements in the new era.The film not only highlights traditional and modern Chinese elements, but also integrates international, fashionable and youthful expressions, striving to highlight the cultural connotation of Beijing “The City of Double Olympics” with Chinese aesthetics.The film adopts the animation production technique of “2D + 3D”, slowing down and adjusting frame by frame until presenting the most appropriate, dynamic and smooth rhythm, allowing the audience to experience the charm of ice and snow sports in an immersive way.Vivid portrayal hockey portraits of young Chinese dream self-help set sail a lot of the early stage of the textual research on CCTV animation team solid work, the long-term observation of children’s hockey team training game, and the thorough exchange, and small players experience the small players in the eyes of ice hockey movement and team spirit of cooperation, create a real, vivid, three-dimensional hockey portraits of the young.The audience will follow the perspective of young Shang Jin, witness his personal growth experience of “changing cocoon into butterfly”, experience he and his teammates together to strengthen their own dream, feel the spirit of the Olympic Games, sublimate their personal dream into the Chinese dream.In the film, each teenager’s perseverance in training, love and yearning for the ice hockey arena, friendship and care for teammates and other multiple emotions are intertwined together, depicting the enterprising, positive, vigorous and sunny spirit of the young people in the new era.Famous escort to forge a violin singing voice of the young power for building the anime games are a popular potential, the “ice hockey whirlwind” invited Beijing people’s art theatre, and the 2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing distinguished experts zhang heping lyrics, composer and conductor XiaoBai composition, and invited the famous singer Chen limei, ShiPeng singing.As a double play of the youth dream and the Chinese dream, the theme song lyrics are straight to the heart, simple and profound, the song style is bright and high, quickly spread among the young people.About ice and snow, a total celebration of the Double Olympic ceremony.”Ice Hockey Cyclone” will be the best gift for the year of the Tiger, which will drive more young people to participate in ice and snow sports.Source: culture