DNF: You’ve made thousands of dollars, but red 10 doesn’t have 18,000?It’s kind of a weird way to build it

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Due to redesign ozma 3 cows again after fire, but the threshold is rose to fame on 18000 that would make many warriors over, want to get more gold, have to krypton gold equipment, so there will be many fans ask, why others reddish 10 can easily reach 18000 fame, but oneself why so difficult.Ask the big man, will only say details, in fact, the core reason is not understand the “equipment to create a gap between the reputation”, some details can be ignored, but some equipment to enhance the point is the key to open the reputation.You’re worth thousands of dollars. Why isn’t Red 10 18,000?Here on ozma 2 cows a 17500 fame of sword spirit for example, typically because equipment, has improved 13 star sea ray sword, about slot is set with “no I shock wave” double platinum, 3% skill tapping orb is all documented, krypton gold items also have the clothes characteristics, and have 3 pieces of Shiloh g + 3 ozma, on this basis,18 grand doesn’t fame come with hands?After reading the details of the equipment, you can only wonder if this is not a problem, penny wise and pound foolish.First slot: Is this enchant worthy of weapon 13?Pree period of 12 strong, fame only 86 points, as long as the 13 strong “clear night treasure”, fame up to 130 points, easily enhance 44 points of fame, adventure group can give cards for free, not you dig details for 4 exquisite badges spend hundreds of thousands of easier?Second slot: The selection attribute doesn’t care at all.Selecting 1 SS will add at least 69 reputation, but this is the minimum attribute, like the Luksi lower of Sword Soul, but if you select full it will be 116 reputation, so luksi lower will add 47 reputation, white 13 star Sea will add 33 reputation.Don’t tell me Sword Soul didn’t fight, there are three ozma!A few bids are enough to pick a winner.The third slot point: 2 graduation platinum have, but why the magic so hot eyes!If the left slot with magic 55 three attack treasure bead, 106 fame can see, then the right slot?16 strong can be said to be a few versions off!The “Bellas of Doom” card at the auction house, which is 21 strong without upgrading, has a reputation of 130, which is 44 higher here.This card is only 480W gold when Ozma is refreshed.The fourth slot point: the second page gap is speechless.2 dragon robes +6 sky is normal trumpet level, but other details are a bit strange.Belts and shoes have 3% mana attack, so where is the aura?Is tuba a class that doesn’t require 3% skill?Superrealm auras have only 325 reputations, but currently the strongest auras have 464 reputations, a gap of 139.The skin is also inlaid with two magnificent badges, so many of which have been given away in the past two years.And the soul of the sword body is missing 7~8 brilliant badges.To sum up the 4 slots, the selection is not full, there are several versions of the enchantments, krypton gold point is very strange, the badge still stays in the gorgeous and brilliant mix, the reputation gap is at least more than 400.The future direction of sword soul promotion, one of the simplest, integration of the remaining 2 ozma, suddenly skyrocketed 232 fame, the other is to change the gift package props in 2022, such as the title can be considered for “time travelers” series!The difference of 85 points is mainly due to the sudden rise in prestige of the title this year.Dream weapon upgraded to rare weapon (72), pet (31).The third is such as “exorcism jade” update, SS level of water injection jade can add about 280 reputation.Therefore, let alone red 10 breakthrough 18,000 fame, 18,500 is not particularly difficult!By the time “Talisman” is released, the red 10 player (earring white 12) has reached 19,700.: If red 10 has no partner of 18,000 fame, there is generally no “characteristic props”, but if krypton thousands of gold also does not have 18,000 fame, basically do not know how to enhance the fame, obviously thousands of W gold coins can do things, but always feel difficult.