Carrying the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control firmly guarding the “safety gate” of the Ancient City in Suiyang District

2022-09-19 0 By

Carried in shangqiu suiyang district city streets steady on epidemic prevention and control responsibility firmly abide by the ancient city of “exit” during the Spring Festival in the ancient city streets of full-time work, in conjunction with the transportation, urban management, traffic police collaborative linkage, strictly implement the disease prevention and control measures, strengthen traffic and environment, the management order of three order regulation, ensuring the safety of the ancient city of orderly, clean and safe security!In view of the large number of people gathered in the ancient city, some people did not wear masks. We were highly vigilant, further optimized the plan, strengthened measures, strictly implemented the requirements of “preventing imports from outside”, strengthened control, and guarded the “safety gate” of the ancient city.Strengthen the guard duty, the first line of defense.Still adhere to the ancient city of four shut arch set ZhiQinDian epidemic prevention and control service point and traffic control, and 24 hours on duty unattended, the good into the ancient city of the first line of defense, is allowed before the vehicle into the city, the city personnel and wearing a mask can check code green yard, who is not green code is allowed into the city, who don’t wear masks are not allowed inside.Mortal will check, every code will check, one person does not leak, every abnormal situation is found, according to the standard procedures reported for disposal, strictly guard against death, to ensure safety!We will strengthen oversight of services and implement social meeting control.Strengthen publicity efforts, strengthen service supervision of migrants, and strengthen social control of the epidemic.Although people entering the city have been scanned for green code checks at the Fourth pass, in order to ensure safety does not get out of control, warm warning signs have been set up in prominent places in the city, and epidemic prevention and control service points have been set up to remind people to reduce the gathering, wear masks and take good measures to prevent and control themselves.At the same time, more street workers, community grid workers and volunteers were dispatched to their posts, responsibilities and small speakers to timely persuade and remind stores and pedestrians along the street to wear masks and implement prevention and control measures. Masks were also distributed free of charge to those who did not wear masks, so as to build a tight defense line for mass prevention and control of the epidemic.We will strengthen personnel restrictions and make prevention and control more scientific.Resolutely take “two cancel and one strengthen” measures, one is to cancel the gathering of entertainment activities, reduce the gathering of personnel;Second, personnel ferries will be cancelled, from the Gate of four passes to the city, and no transfer by means of transport will be arranged, so as to prolong the delayed time for people to enter the city and reduce the number of people gathered in the city.In order to strengthen the excessive concentration of personnel relief.Strengthen information sharing and guard the safety line of prevention and control.Timely grasp the flow of people inside the city, information sharing between the city and the city, and simultaneously linkage, to avoid crowding in the city. When it reaches about 20,000 people, timely implement the flow restriction, issue instructions to the outside of the city at any time, suspend the flow of people, relieve the pressure of people inside the city, and maintain a safe distance for people to gather.