Xishi experience server is more than one skill CD, do you really not give single survival?

2022-09-18 0 By

Time has come to the middle of February unconsciously, the current S26 season has begun more than a month, must be in addition to the version of the problem can not be forced to play or quit the game, the king of friends, are familiar with this season.This season was a big change from the previous season, and it was also the worst season for middle players.In recent days, there was news that middle players were once again angry, that the experience server for the first time will nerf Xi Shi.Xi Shi has always been one of the heroes who are praised or criticized by players. The middle and low level players think xi Shi is of little use, while xi Shi’s playing rate and winning rate in the high branch are always very high.It can be said that there is not a high section of the middle players will not xi Shi, which also caused xi Shi’s win rate due to the section problem appeared a precipice gap.This time, the experience server nerf for Xi Shi was not adjusted for toughness as suggested by players, but mainly for a skill’s cooldown, extending it by three seconds.An increase of three seconds in the cooldown of a skill may not seem like a big change for non-players, but for those who can play it, this nerf directly reduces the hero’s limit by at least half.As you probably know, before nerf, a skill cooldown is 4 seconds, can be stuck in the last second of the great move to release a second skill, that is, can pull people twice.However, after this nerf, Xi Shi will not be able to use a time spell twice with the stack full of cooldowns.Although in low precincts, xi Shi can’t play the most role due to the player’s technical problems, in high precincts, even if only one skill of Dazhao Dorka time is missing, it can play a completely different role in group battles.But what really makes the middle players angry is not only the weakening of Xi Shi, but also the attitude of the plan towards the middle players.The weakening of the personal opinion, if this time, xi shi really out of the experience, it represents high branch road was missing a can play the hero, if planning don’t to the central issues of corresponding adjustment, so after central players might really want to try with a soft and auxiliary road, middle road, after all, players don’t need to pawn line and damage, if just need a tool,Isn’t that better?So what do you think of the plan to weaken Xi Shi?Feel free to leave a comment below!