Thoroughly understand the circle demon “former destination”, bronze, platinum, king, which level are you on?

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A man who falls in love with himself, gives birth to himself, hates himself, hunts himself, recruits himself, and kills himself.Former Destination I’m sure most of you find the whole movie a one-man show that repeats itself.But, looking at this, it’s only bronze.To achieve platinum, you need to at least tie the entire timeline together and find the loop in the story.And to be king, you have to answer these core questions: where does the protagonist come from, who is Robertson, and what is the purpose of the Bureau of Time Planning.What floor are you on?Thank you for your support of half a cat Bronze level (see loop play) The story of The Former Destination is not difficult to understand, I believe, count, the movie is not just one loop, but a combination of multiple loops.The main loop, which is crucial, is that the protagonist is born, grows up, has a daughter, the daughter is stolen, and then the daughter becomes the protagonist as an infant.It’s the cornerstone of an amazing story.In order for this cycle to work, the protagonist must become pregnant and have a child, and the responsibility of impregnating the protagonist is naturally placed in his own hands, thus creating the second cycle.That is, the leading role meets the unfaithful han, after two people fall in love with each other, she has sex change operation to become a man, and was brought through the original place to meet the unfaithful Han, become the unfaithful Han falls in love with himself.The main cycle also requires a person to have the ability to travel through time and space, bringing the transgender protagonist and the infant protagonist back to the key point in the past to ensure the establishment of the cycle.This role, of course, is still to the leading role to play.So the leading role and naturally become agents of time and space, timely to the main cycle.Time Agents at the same time the Bureau of Time Planning gives the main character a “motive,” something he once thought he would never have again.Tell him that all his time travel missions were to stop the carnage of the Bomberaholics.Give you a “motive” to make that motive permanent, so the main character kills the Bombe and becomes the Bombe himself.But in this circle we find an unusual place, the protagonist, is dead, dead.If the main character dies, then the movie is not the same person cycle, the same person, not the same character, but the same “person”.You know what I mean.So the whole story seems to be a story of one person, but in fact, it’s a story formed by several different protagonists.They’re not the same person, they just have the same experience.That’s the truth of the former Destination loop.Now, we’re going to do the second recap, and this one is going to be very uncomfortable, because I’m going to do it in the normal order of time, not the order of the movie.In order to make the story more coherent and easier to understand, I label the main characters with different periods in their history.1, Girl Jane.From being abandoned at an orphanage, to training, to falling in love with yourself, to getting pregnant, to completing a sex change operation.Girl Jane 2, unwed mother.From transitioning to being a man, to going back in time to having sex with myself, to being separated from Jane and recruited to the Time Planning Bureau.3, Agent John.That is, being recruited by the bartender to the Time Plan Bureau, being an agent, and then being disfigured.Agent John 4, bartender.From being disfigured, to working as a bartender, to recruiting unwed mothers, to retiring, to killing bombers, to going insane.Bartender 5, the Bomber.From insanity, to explosions, to being killed by a bartender.There is another character here, Robertson. Is he the main character or not?I’ll reserve the answer for now.Is Robertson the main character? – Timeline – On September 13, 1945, You-Know-Who dropped Jane at the door of the orphanage, in her infant state.The mystery man is the bartender.In 1963, when Jane was 18, Robertson recruited her as a space travel company.Roberson didn’t tell Jane about a fight she got into during training and was found to be bisexual, but Jane lost the job.On April 3, 1963, Jane met a man who had broken her heart. They fell in love and gave birth.Oneself and oneself fall in love with this unfaithful man, is the future has become a man’s unmarried mother.The bartender, who was with them at the time, had crossed over with his unwed mother, but he immediately made another illegal crossing, to 1970.Bartender June 24, 1963, unwed mother abandoned Jane, never to return.In fact, the unwed mom traveled back in time to 1985 with the bartender.When Jane gave birth to her daughter in January 1964, she suffered a massive haemorrhage by Caesarean section, resulting in the removal of her uterus and ovaries and the discovery that she was bisexual.On March 2, 1964, Jane’s daughter was stolen.The baby girl was stolen by a bartender.The bartender stole the baby girl and left her in front of the orphanage in 1945.In February 1965, after 11 months of treatment, Jane became a man.Then he applied again for the space travel company.Moved to New York, changed her name, became a cook, a typist, started writing love stories, took the pseudonym Unmarried Mother.March 2, 1970, the day the bomb was defused, was also one of the more brain-burning days.In the scene of bomb disposal on the day of bomb disposal, there are three main characters, one is agent John, who travels through to carry out the bomb disposal mission, and is later severely burned.One is a surgically modified bartender who crosses in illegally to stop the Bomber, then hands over the time machine after witnessing the disfigured unwed mother.There’s another one, the Bomber, who used an undecommissioned time machine to illegally cross over and successfully plant the bomb.Disfigurement In fact, at this time, there are other protagonists, you think about whether.It was March 2, 1970, before the month of November when bartenders would cross the bar to recruit unwed mothers, so the unwed mother who didn’t know time travel was working hard in an apartment writing her love story.In other words, on this day, there are at least four protagonists.On November 6, 1970, the 25-year-old unwed mother went to Daddy’s bar and met the bartender.He told the bartender his story.The two then travel back in time to 1963.Later, when the bartender retires, he travels back in time from 1985 to celebrate the day and takes the bottle of wine he promised his unmarried mother as a reward for his retirement.January 7, 1975, the bartender’s self-chosen retirement date.On the day of his retirement, he found the bomber through clues, that is, the old himself, and killed the bomber.After killing the bomber, the bartender began to cross frequently illegally and gradually became the Bomber. However, the two protagonists obviously had an age span, unlike two people in the same year, so it was judged that the bomber who was killed at this time should have crossed back from a more future time.The Unabomber in March 1975, the Unabomber carried out a terrorist bombing that killed more than 10,000 people.But the bomber was killed at the last point in time, so the bomber is the bartender who killed the last bomber.After this point, the new bomber went back and forth repeatedly, and was never brought to justice until at least 1981.And so, in 1981, the time Machine was born.Time Planning Bureau On August 12, 1985, the bartender brought the unwed mother to time Planning Bureau headquarters.Since the time Machine was only born in 1981, we have to travel 81 years before we can see the headquarters of the Time Planning Bureau.On August 13, 1985, unmarried mother officially became the agent John, he listened to the wine reserved for his own recordings, began his first time travel task agent John on February 21, 1992, in 1970 the bomb mission agent John ambushed by bombers, facial burn, he accepted the cosmetic surgery, back to 1992I turned into a bartender.One day in 1992, having recovered from plastic surgery, the bartender was awarded the Cross and given his final mission — to recruit himself.1. How many cycles does the story of Former Destination take place?The film is called “Predestination” in Chinese and “Predestination” in English, which literally means fate.The fateful story goes from 1945 to 1992, and the protagonist’s life is also set in 1992, just before his final mission to travel.But after that second, the world does not stop, time will continue to go on.1993, 1994, 1995, 2022.As far as the world is concerned, the protagonist simply disappears.Time does not stop or go back because of human travel.If there is only one universe, there is only one timeline that never goes back, and what happened is already history and cannot be tampered with.Unlike Horror Cruise, the story of The Former Destination does not form multiple overlapping loops. The retold story above happens, and only once.The movie just pieced together different time pieces to form a dream Bius ring, a bizarre story called Former Destination.When it comes to the day in 1992 when the main character time travels, the story is already over, just as the lines say — one last mission.The Time Planning Bureau in 1981, the time Planning Bureau was founded, of course, not to make better history textbooks, but to change history, to make better history.Ironically, it turned out to be proof that history cannot be changed.The heroic crossing ended up just a fragment of history.One might think that, thanks to the Bureau of Time Planning, the number of terrorist bombings has actually declined.To reduce, rather than stop, time travel would be a bit of a toything. The Bureau of Time Planning knew who the bombers were, and could have killed the main characters before any of them became bombers to stop all the explosions, but they didn’t.Why is that?Either they did it on purpose, or they couldn’t stop it.If they did it on purpose and nothing happened to history, it just shows that they can’t change history.Assuming they do it on purpose, the history also changed, and why, the butterfly effect did not lead to circulation of burst, any change will cause was totally changed history, time and through so many times to perform the task, they can always ensure the existence of circulation, then can show, only a little history is cannot be changed.Time travel is just a part of history.3. Is “Robertson” of the Planning Bureau the “leading role”?The film has a controversial character — Robertson.Is he also the protagonist of a historical period?.Possible.But half cat thinks this is more like reading too much into the movie, because the end credits clearly tell us which characters are the main characters, and if anyone else can be the main characters, then everyone can be the main characters.Robertson is not the protagonist, but a symbol as important as the protagonist.Robertson is an important symbol that you can clearly capture in the performance of the actors.At all times, Robertson’s state is calm and untroubled, as if he is already in control.Makes people think he’s the mastermind behind everything.But from beginning to end, Robertson does not interfere with the protagonist’s behavior too much, all is still the protagonist himself, Robertson did not force the protagonist to do anything.In fact, Robertson is a fatalist. He is not the mastermind behind anything, but he believes it will happen.Remember those awkward words on the wall of the Time Planning Bureau? That’s probably what Robertson was talking about.”Never put off what you need to do tomorrow until yesterday.If you finally succeed, never try again.”Seems to be the time through the secret advice, but in fact is the true portrayal of fatalism.Never do yesterday’s work tomorrow. Don’t try again after you’ve succeeded.Because, there is no need.Actually cast and people still have a lot of burn brain # #   # # cycle film   # #  sci-fi film after # 80 # # #  through  thank you for your support in half cat