The weather is good during the Qingming Holiday in Fuzhou, but the temperature difference between morning and evening is large

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Today, the south continues to maintain rain and cool weather pattern, but the Qingming Holiday weather will usher in a significant turn.Large areas of the country have cleared up, and temperatures in many places have risen to abnormally high levels.It is cloudy and rainy in Banyan City today.Tomorrow, the weather will start to be fine, and the qingming Festival will continue to be fine from March 3 to 5.In terms of temperature, as the weather turns better, the temperature in the urban area is also gradually rising, so it can be said that the weather of qingming Holiday is perfect ~!But to remind you that the temperature difference between day and night is large, pay attention to add clothes in the morning and evening, beware of cold.In addition, attention should be paid to: northeast winds of force 6 to 7, gusts of force 8 to 9, northeast winds of force 5 to 6, gusts of force 7 to 8, near the sea and passing vessels, please pay attention to safety.Fuzhou weather summary: 02/17:00 ~ 02/20:00: this evening, the whole city overcast, part of the townships light rain.02 20 ~ 03 08: this night, the city overcast, part of the townships light rain.08 o ‘clock, 03 ~ 08 o ‘clock, 04:03 day to night, the whole city fine to cloudy.08 o ‘clock on 04 ~ 08 o ‘clock on 05:04 day to night, the city turned cloudy.08 o ‘clock on 05 ~ 08 o ‘clock on 06:05 day to night, the city’s underworld cloudy, morning and night in some towns and villages light rain.[Fuzhou urban weather forecast](referring to wushan weather station) 02 17 ~ 02 20: this evening, cloudy, east wind level 2, the temperature of about 13℃.20:00, 02 ~ 08:00, 03: light rain, north wind force 1, temperature 11 ~ 13℃ tonight.08 o ‘clock, 03 ~ 08 o ‘clock, 04:03 day to night, clear, easterly force 3, temperature 11 ~ 20℃.08 o ‘clock on 04 ~ 08 o ‘clock on 05:04 day to night, fine, east wind force 2, temperature 10 ~ 21℃.08 o ‘clock, 05 ~ 08 o ‘clock, 06:05 day to night, cloudy, northwest wind level 2, the temperature of 11 ~ 24℃.The copyright of this article belongs to the original author. If there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address: