The graduation choice of post-00s college students: I choose this company because I have a happy conversation with HR

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint chief reporter Gong Yuyue This June, “after 00” college students will leave campus, to a new life pass.On the one hand, the thesis defense is orderly, on the other hand, online job hunting and postgraduate entrance examination editing are put on the agenda. In this special stage from youth to maturity, from protection to gradually independent, what kind of struggle and thinking are these young people in their early 20s going through?What are the gains and aspirations?Xiao Xi (Shandong Jiaotong University) : “I chose this company because I had a good conversation with HR.” Xiao Xi did not expect that the navigation technology major he chose out of curiosity would give him an advantage in the employment recruitment four years later.In 2018, Xiao Xi was admitted to the Shipping School of Shandong Jiaotong University and became a student majoring in navigation technology.After four years of professional study, this big boy, who was born in inland city, had more understanding and yearning for ocean and navigation technology. “Running boat” became a seed buried in his heart.Due to the epidemic prevention and control, offline recruitment of schools has been suspended, and job hunting and employment have been switched to online.Since March, xiao Xi’s group of graduates has received a lot of recruitment information from selected and recommended central and state-owned enterprises.Compared with most majors, most of the graduates of his Marine technology major are ocean-going transporters, in charge of the maintenance of life-saving and fire-fighting equipment on ships.Because of the particularity of boarding work, job hunting is not as difficult as imagined.After carefully reviewing the recruitment information, Xiao Xi selected three central enterprises as the units of intention under the reference and advice of her teachers.For this group of post-00s, what makes them decide which company to choose may be just the impression given by the interviewer.”The interviewers of the two companies gave me a serious impression that they were also large in size, guaranteed in quality and on the coast. On balance, I chose this company because I had a happy conversation with the young HR at that time.”Xiao Xi introduced that he chose to work in this central enterprise, the overall salary is relatively high, can get seven insurance and two gold.”I can get 30, 000 yuan a month after I work, which is quite high among undergraduates.”Corresponding to the high salary, it is hard to drift on the sea.Small xi clear, after the real ship run coastal, rely on a shore every month, every three months to rest.But four years of professional study has made him well prepared physically and mentally.On the bright side, if you work another 10-13 months, you will get a raise if you become captain or first mate.In fact, after four years of professional study, Xiao Xi wanted to show off his skills in job hunting, but the epidemic caused him to miss the chance of offline interviews.While he was confident in his online interviews, he could have further demonstrated himself if he could meet HR in person.Other job-seeking roommates in Xiao Xi’s dormitory have also found their favorite units.For these young people, with their jobs secured, their college life under the countdown will be more secure.Small Ming (Shandong normal University) : “this year’s qualification quite ‘sweet’, a year time to exhaust it” not only did not wait to take an examination of grind ashore good news, small Ming also missed the beginning of the cause of the province.According to Xiao Ming’s personality, the exam is not in her plan.But the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, disrupted her arrangements, but also let the “00” girl more thoughtful.Get a job based on your major?Or test editing?After repeated weighing, small Ming choice for stability: give yourself a year to test.After returning home weifang, she will take an examination of the issue on the agenda.The excitement of knowing her goal made her silently decide that only striving to get good grades was worthy of this feeling.Because missed the beginning of the career editing provincial examination, from the middle of February, Xiao Ming prepared for the teacher editing examination.Xiao Ming noticed that there were many more jobs for fresh graduates, whether it was the national examination at the end of the year, the provincial examination at the beginning of the year or the upcoming teacher examination.”The identity of a fresh graduate is very ‘sweet’, I want to give myself a year of time, the first graduate qualification exhausted.”Having said that, xiao Ming can’t put all his energy into preparing for the exam.Compared with the “learn and forget, forget to learn” of the examination of theoretical knowledge, long put on the agenda of the paper makes her more “mad”.She did not consider the first employment, but this year’s qualifications let her nostalgia, the occasional idea was quickly dismissed.Looking at the younger brother of the Internet class at home, small Ming also wants to be a teacher like the head teacher of younger brother: normal commute, the job is relatively stable.It was a choice she was able and happy to accept.If she becomes a teacher, she will work near her home for a few years before slowly saving up to buy a house.At present, pedagogy and psychology related books, Xiao Ming has reviewed half.She reckoned she would be able to do pretty well by mid-June.Actually, small Ming still hides a lot of bold idea, but can bury them in the bottom of my heart only now.She decided to choose the safest way first and adjust her plan slowly according to her future development.Xiao Xiang (University of Jinan) : “Last Saturday, I took the postgraduate entrance exam ‘ashore’.” When I first came to The University of Jinan four years ago, Xiao Xiang decided to take the postgraduate entrance exam idea.Although the process was difficult, fortunately, I got what I wanted and realized my dream of taking the postgraduate entrance examination.Xiao Xiang is an introverted girl, especially when communicating with strangers, shy and nervous will make her speak decibels smaller.It was also because of this personality that she was rejected by her favorite tutor during the preparation for the second interview.Sadness, sadness, all kinds of depression filled her heart, frightened her.This situation continued until Last Saturday, when xiao Xiang got her long-awaited “landing” result in the evening after going through the second test during the day.Whether or not she “went ashore”, the ordeal of waiting and the struggle of preparing for the exam all made this post-00s girl feel uneasy.Like most of her classmates, Xiao Xiang also had to go through the first half of her senior year of practice, during which she had to run both inside and outside the school.Due to the tight time and great pressure, she once felt helpless and unable to finish the review, but she could only arrange herself full.”No matter how, we have to learn. We can’t give up.”She told herself silently.For Xiao xiang, the entrance exam means good job prospects.If she does well in graduate school, she wants to continue.But if she doesn’t perform well enough, she’s ready to go home and find a steady job.The date goes back to December.After the preliminary entrance examination, xiao Xiang chose to go home the next day to seek comfort because she was unsure of the bottom.After home buffer, in the company of family, her mood slowly calm down.The results list released at the beginning of the year, let her some unexpected, with 370 points in the initial test, ranked eighth in the school of Mathematics and Science to advance to the second test.Due to the impact of the epidemic, I could not face to face with the examiner in the second interview.Across the screen, can not see the teacher, her heart more than a perturbed.A full 20 minutes, from nervous to calm mood, xiao Xiang felt his growth.On the one hand there is a little sense of achievement, on the other hand for English listening pinched sweat, Small Hunan in sleepless medium to the results of the second test.”I was a little nervous when I inquired, but WHEN I saw the admission result, I was delighted.”Xiao Xiang recalls that she waited too long to tell her parents and sister.In this special graduation season, until the end of her oral defense in May, Xiao Xiang’s life has just begun a new stage.(Pseudonyms are used at the request of respondents)