Pre-sale price from 110,900 yuan, FAW Pentium B70S to make coupe SUV “Volume King”

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Last May, FAW Pentium released a new brand LOGO and development strategy, as well as product planning.At the same time, the first new car after the release of the new strategy — Pentium B70S, also ushered in the debut in guangzhou Auto Show last year.On February 20, pentium B70S was officially rolled out and pre-orders opened.The new car has seven models with two types of power, with pre-sale prices ranging from 110,900 yuan to 143,900 yuan.It is worth mentioning that FAW Pentium also launched seven Super Super “preferential” policies for the pre-sale of new cars.Pentium B70S is a sincere product based on the pre-sale price and preferential policies alone.According to previous plans, the new car will be officially launched in March this year.Sui Zhongjian, general manager of FAW Pentium Car Co., LTD., deputy Secretary of the Party Committee also said: “as the first blockbuster new car under the new brand strategy of FAW Pentium, Pentium B70S ‘start from scratch’, live up to the promise of ‘Yan CAI must do’, and finally bring users a new tour de force.”So, since it is another blockbuster after the new strategy, what surprises does the much-anticipated B70S bring to us?As the first independent coupe SUV of FAW and the first model under the brand strategy of FAW Pentium, THE target consumers of B70S are a group of avant-garde fashion and people who constantly pursue the trend of science and technology.B70S pulled out all the stops to please this group of young users with independent attitudes.Among them, a high level of appearance is definitely essential.In terms of appearance, B70S adopted the front face of the country tide “god beast elements”, and the long and narrow intake grille adopted the design of chromium-plated straight waterfall type in the net, with individual “Ge” type day running lights and split headlights, the visual impact of the front is not uncommon.New car side modeling is also A plus, double waist line, large Angle a-pillar and D-pillar, making the vehicle modeling more smooth and dynamic.The new car tail is the main highlight of the taillight design, popular throughout the taillight design plus “Great Wall arrow stack type” elements, but also bring good visual effect.The interior design echoes well with the appearance. B70S brings users a glass digital cockpit with technology and convenience, a 7-inch LCD dashboard and a double 12.3-inch intelligent large screen, which is also very suitable for the needs of young people for the sense of technology in vehicles.In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4555/1850/1515mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2750mm, which is not prominent in the same level of models.The power has sincerity, and the configuration is also multilevel hub, so we believe that the beautiful modeling of B70S alone can receive the attention of a large number of young consumers.However, MAO thinks it is more worthy of attention or its power system.The Pentium B70S, built under the Pentium Infinite Equation architecture FMA, offers two different power models of 1.5T and 2.0T to satisfy consumers.The 2.0t turbocharged engine of FAW 4GC series from China has a maximum power of 165 kW and a peak torque of 340 N · m. This set of power performance is quite good.On the driveline, the 1.5T engine is matched by a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, and the 2.0-t engine by a 6-gear hand self-contained transmission provided by Aisin.In addition to excellent power, the B70S offers a wealth of configurations.On seeing the configuration table on the hub, we have a feeling of “overconfiguration”.For example, the new car is equipped with pentium D-Life5.2AI smart ecosystem + smart home service, covering 28 categories of intelligent functions.It is worth mentioning that, in order to further enhance the value for money of the product, the new car will also offer 14 ADAS functions of L2 driver assistance technology.Expected to promote the popularity of coupe SUVs in the past few years, thanks to the rapid layout in the SUV market, independent brands have tasted the benefits of SUV blue ocean.But with the joint venture brand down, the domestic SUV market has been approaching saturation.How to find the increment from the stock market has become the goal of many car enterprises.Obviously, car companies have captured the car SUV has become a trend of consumer trends, we have entered the car SUV market segment, GAC Trumpchi GS4 COUPE, Geely Xingyue, Changan CS85 COUPE, Hafu F7x and other independent brands sedan SUV models have been launched.The launch of B70S is precisely FAW Pentium’s accurate control of SUV market demand, aiming to seize more market share.B70S not only enriched the product layout of FAW Pentium, but also entered the sedan SUV market with a very low price of 110,900, becoming a very competitive cost-effective model in the same level of the market.The emergence of Pentium B70S is expected to promote the popularity of coupe SUV and promote the diversified development of products in the automobile market.In the face of competitors, B70S has no absolute advantage, but with ultra high appearance level, rich technology configuration and strong power system, it must be able to gain its own user recognition.At the same time, as the “first car in the New Year” of FAW Pentium, B70S has sounded the horn for the Pentium brand. It will form a strong product matrix with more boutique new cars and expand the market share.