Lakers rumors: Dennis Schroder will return to the lakers if bought out by the rockets

2022-09-18 0 By

The NBA doesn’t come full circle sometimes.After everything that happened to Dennis Schroder, from the time he turned down a four-year, $84 million contract to the time he left the Los Angeles Lakers with only a one-year deal, he found himself back in lakers rumors.Instead of making a move at the trade deadline, the Lakers turned to the buyout market to make any roster improvements.Schroeder was a prime candidate in the buyout market because he was traded to the Houston Rockets, who kept him for the rest of the year without a deal.While we did make fun of Schroder in the past, and he’s still a flawed point guard, that’s the status of the Los Angeles Lakers.The Lakers have been so bad that it makes sense that the Lakers would be interested in pursuing Schroder.These Dennis Schroeder Lakers rumors make sense for Los Angeles for two key reasons.I know it might be daunting to see Schroder return to the Purple and Gold, but he’s probably just the best player the team could sign from the buyout market.Will he make this team the favorites?Clearly not.But maybe he can help lift the team and at least avoid the play-offs.Let’s dig into two key reasons why Dennis Schroeder has meant so much to the Los Angeles Lakers since his buyout.1. Dennis Schroeder knows the Lakers and plays with lebron James Playing with lebron James is unlike playing with anyone else in the NBA, especially for point guards.James is one of the best assists in NBA history, and while he’s listed as a forward, he’s basically the team’s point guard.If a point guard wants to be successful with lebron, he needs to step back and play more off the ball.This is one of the big reasons Russell Westbrook and lebron together don’t make much sense.Westbrook needs the ball badly, and any time a team passes him the ball over lebron, they are far less effective.While it hasn’t been good at times, Schroder at least feels comfortable playing with lebron James in this situation and understands what it takes to succeed around him.He didn’t always do that last season, but just having that baseline knowledge gave him a head start over other potential point guard options for the Lakers.He also has some chemistry with Anthony Davis.Even though they didn’t play together last season because of injuries, having the experience of playing with AD and knowing he needs to be the best player is great for the point guard.Over the past three years, the one thing the Lakers haven’t had much of with all the roster turnover has been familiarity and on-court chemistry.Schroder provided at least some of it.The Los Angeles Lakers should bite the bullet and play Russell Westbrook less and less after failing to trade him at this season’s trade deadline.It won’t completely solve anything, as the Lakers still have plenty of holes on this roster, but the team is better off when Westbrook isn’t playing.Gee, maybe the Lakers could let Westbrook opt out of his contract at the end of this season.It probably won’t happen, but who knows, fans can dream, right?While the team hasn’t played Westbrook much lately (which he believes could result in a back injury), they still have him playing a major role in the rotation.Adding a point guard like Schroder who is comfortable with his role on the team could really give the lakers an excuse to cut westbrook out.Gee, would the Lakers be worse off if they gave schroeder all the playing time Westbrook got and told Westbrook to go to the bench instead of playing?Probably not.Similarly, the team’s goal now should be to get out of the playoffs, not have Westbrook make it happen.The second goal should be to upset Westbrook so much that he at least considers backing out of the deal and leaving Los Angeles.The Lakers won’t be able to get rid of Westbrook completely with any other potential acquisition target.Schroeder is the only one.