Five-star red flag in my heart of pride!Inner Mongolia police in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics passion to pass the flag!

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The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held on the evening of February 4.Accompanied by a trumpeter blowing “Me and my Motherland”, the bright five-star red flag was passed on by 176 advanced model representatives from all walks of life and representatives from 56 ethnic groups.This scene was called out by numerous netizens: “This clear love is only for China!”Yuan Dasen, from Inner Mongolia public security, graciously appeared in the flag bearer.”When I hold the national flag in my hands, I really feel its weight!”At the opening ceremony, wearing a police uniform and medal, he could hardly hide his excitement.”When the national flag passed through my hands, I really felt the weight of the national flag, which comes from the deep love of the Chinese people for the motherland, and also from the responsibility of national rejuvenation shouldered by young people.As the flag passed from my hand, I turned and watched it pass from hand to hand, as our country moved steadily toward a stronger future.At this moment, a strong sense of national pride burst out, which brought tears to my eyes. I believe that at this moment, not only our carrier, but all the Chinese people’s feelings for the motherland have reached the peak at this moment.”Yuan Dasen, an outstanding young police officer from Inner Mongolia Public Security Department, was awarded the “National Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19” by the CPC Central Committee, The State Council and the Central Military Commission, and the “Young Police Officer with Outstanding Achievements in the National Public Security System” by the Ministry of Public Security and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League. He won the second-class individual merit once.Yuan Dasen: It is a hard-won honor to be a delegate to carry the national flag at the opening ceremony.”I was placed at gate 2, fifth in the queue, at the head of the line, full of happiness at home and at home.When the national flag is slowly unrolled from the hands of the young people, all the eyes of the bearer are focused on the brightest red, everyone is like a child waiting for their mother, hand to greet the arrival of the national flag.”Recalling the moment of passing the national flag, Yuan Dasen said emotionally.First on the right is Yuan Dasen.”Participating in the Olympic flag relay at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics will be a priceless experience that I will never forget.I truly feel the growing strength of the motherland, the nation is increasingly confident.It is a great honor and pride for me to represent the Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau.At the same time, it also inspires me to devote more efforts to the cause of Inner Mongolia public security, and firmly become the loyal guardian of the ‘two barriers’.”Edited by Dai Siwei proofread by Wei Hanzhong dai Zijun