Fierce knife in the snow: Xu Fengnian’s family background is too terrible, the little mother Of female Emperor Beimang, the teacher’s mother Naran right Ci

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Hello, north Minter, the latest in the snow.Snow line welding knife in the story is over, everyone to Xu Fengnian also left a very deep impression, in a nutshell is powerful, everyone to his face, of course, it also makes behind because he was too strong, moreover Xu Fengnian fate is also very good, start to get the rhubarb court sword, and the inheritance of god.No matter what is most enviable is Xu Fengnian’s family background, that is, relatives and friends, which even Zhao Kai admires incomparably. Living in Beiliang, his father is Xu Xiao, and there are all kinds of powerful masters around him to protect him. At ordinary times, everything is taken care of by a beautiful servant girl.Today xiaobian will take you a simple understanding of Some friends and relatives of Xu Fengnian.First is little mama north mang female emperor, north mang did not attack from Yang, also because north mang female emperor like xu Xiao, when he was young to xu Xiao is very crazy, until death, is also covered with xu Xiao to die, is she really like xu Xiao, although xu Xiao chose Wu Su, the relationship between two people also is not bad.In terms of hierarchy, Female Emperor Bei Mang was xu Fengnian’s godmother. Although she was not his own child, female emperor Bei Mang was also regarded as his own son. After all, their affection did exist.Xu Fengnian is the successor of Wu jianzuong, or the strongest existence at that time, but for Xu Xiao, she also left jianzuong, and was eventually regarded as a sinner, after her death, Xu Fengnian’s grandfather Qi Lian Hua was hidden in the Palace of the North, in the protection of his grandson at the same time, he should also find out the truth of that year.As a spring and Autumn sword armour, his strength is also above Gu Jiantang.In addition wu jianzuka is Xu Fengnian’s home, which is the most powerful uncle Deng Taia, and Wu Su was very take care of Deng Taia, then peach blossom sword god will crazy help Xu Fengnian, as long as uncle called good, Deng Taia help several times is ok, indeed later he helped Xu Fengnian many times.And Xu Fengnian brother elder sister, six seme inside half of them are very into this brother, xu fat tiger and Xu Weixiong more needless to say, their Xu Fengnian is taken care of, also is to wash the elephant Xu Fengnian brother-in-law hong, as Lv Zu reincarnation, and the most powerful Xu Fengnian chassis, but the next to be soldiers.Finally is Xu Fengnian’s teacher Li Yishan and the teacher’s mother Naran Right Ci, Naran right Ci only hate himself is not a woman, the heart should be like Li Yishan, they hold the fate of the North and from the Sun, but also Xu Fengnian can pull on the relationship.Have to say, Xu Fengnian is really lucky, every relative is very strong.