Everyone is a business environment fuzhou High-tech Zone, “18 kinds of martial arts” polishing the golden signboard for the convenience of the people

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Fuzhou High-tech Zone is one of the first state-level high-tech zones in China. It is located in the southwest of the central city of Fuzhou, Fujian Province.After more than 30 years of development, Fuzhou High-tech Zone has gradually developed into a hot land for innovation and creation, attracting 12,000 registered enterprises and 384 high-tech enterprises.At present, Fuzhou High-tech Zone is making efforts from various aspects, such as policy support, talent introduction and enterprise service, to polish the golden sign of business environment.Enter fuzhou High-tech Zone administration (citizen) Service Center, busy and orderly is the first impression of many people here.”One end through” “one window” “free agent”……The convenience of “minimalist” processes can be felt throughout the service hall.”Today is my first time to come to the service center. I didn’t expect to get the business license in one morning.”In fuzhou high-tech zone free agent window, self-employed Xiao Chen full of praise for the convenience of the business, “much faster than I imagined.”According to Agent Lin Qihang, as long as the materials are complete, businesses like Xiao Chen’s can complete the declaration in 10 minutes and get a business license in two hours.”The application for business license can be completed quickly or within two hours through agency services.In the past, enterprises prepared relevant materials, because unfamiliar may take a long time to complete.Our charge is to help address that pain point.”Head down to fill materials, Lin qihang added.Fuzhou high-tech zone enterprises for the service center free agent staff to send the banner.Since the free agency service of Fuzhou High-tech Zone was opened in April 2021, the administrative (citizen) service center of Fuzhou High-tech Zone has handled 2,376 business cases in total.Not long ago, the center received a thank-you banner from companies.It is understood that the number of shareholders involved in the enterprise to send the flag at that time is more, to carry out a number of business, such as the change of old and new shareholders, involving more materials and complicated process to handle headaches.After a detailed understanding of the specific situation, the free agent service staff took the initiative to contact the market supervision window, to help the enterprise prepare all kinds of materials needed, and give patient guidance in the whole process, and finally let the complex business be completed at one time.”For each and every one of us, it’s all about the business environment.”The relevant person in charge of fuzhou High-tech Zone Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau introduced that the introduction of free agency business is an exploration of “enterprises have demands, but I make achievements” in Fuzhou High-tech Zone.Digital and self-support “legendary weapons of China together on the power for the convenience of” credit enterprise in addition to do STH for sb, service center since the end of August 2021, also newly registered the jurisdiction of the enterprises with the first set of seals (contain official seal, the legal representative of right, financial special seal and the special invoice seal, a total of 4) free of print service, cumulative service 1171/2021.The 24-hour self-service area will be built, and 20 self-service devices such as “E Fuzhou” self-service terminal, tax self-service terminal and real estate inquiry all-in-one machine will be installed.”E-fuzhou” self-service terminals have been set up in the innovation Park, biomedicine and electromechanical industrial park, which are densely populated by employees of seven enterprises, providing various self-service services such as real estate, medical social insurance and traffic confiscation.In 2021, the total number of e-Fuzhou self-service terminals in Fuzhou High-tech Zone reached 20,697.Fuzhou High-tech Zone provides the first set of seal engraving service for newly registered enterprises within its jurisdiction free of charge.It is understood that there are a total of 843 administrative permission items for entering the center at present, among which, 838 items are “one trip without running”, accounting for 99.40%, 843 items are “one trip at most”, accounting for 100%, and 772 items are handled through network, accounting for 91.58%, realizing more government services through “one network”.”Not only do more, but do it well.To let enterprises choose Fuzhou High-tech Zone, but also to form a good reputation, golden signboard.”The person in charge of Fuzhou High-tech Zone introduced that adhering to the service tenet of “high quality, convenience, standard and high efficiency”, Fuzhou High-tech Zone also provides “companion” and “guide” service in the whole process of enterprise development, just like what enterprises want.We will improve fiscal and tax policies and reduce the tax payment period for enterprises to less than 90 hours.Expand “non-contact” tax payment service, enterprise tax payment matters can be handled online, individual tax payment matters can be handled on the palm.We have innovated financial services and created a high-tech finance brand of “high-tech loan”. We have accepted 85 “high-tech loan” businesses with a total credit limit of 590 million yuan.We will establish a sound communication mechanism between government and enterprises, and launch a special campaign to recruit 1,000 officials into 1,000 enterprises, so that enterprises’ demands can be effectively communicated…Such meticulous service has also been recognized by the masses, and Fuzhou High-tech Zone has gradually become a representative of the excellent business environment known by word of mouth among business owners.According to statistics, the administrative service center handled more than 266,000 cases in 2021, with an average daily number of 804 cases, with a satisfaction rate of 99.98 percent.At present, 99.76% of the promised items have been completed on time, the average waiting time and service time have been reduced to 8.4 minutes and 4.62 minutes respectively from 18.45 minutes and 7.45 minutes last year, and the application rate of electronic certificates has reached 99.16%.