Dogs are for the rich

2022-09-18 0 By

Yesterday I posted an article about personal adoption of stray dogs, and some net friends sent me a private letter encouraging me to apply for the adoption of stray dogs.Yesterday afternoon, I inquired to the community committee, they provided me with the following information: Chengdu dog raising regulations for individuals to apply for a dog, should bring the dog and hold the dog owner’s identity certificate, dog immunization certificate and meet the requirements of the 24th provision of the regulations.Article 24 an individual who applies for the registration of keeping a dog shall meet the following requirements :(1) he shall have a permanent household registration of this municipality or a legal certificate of temporary residence in this municipality;(2) having full capacity for civil conduct;(3) to have an independent and fixed dwelling place;(4) other regulations for keeping dogs.)And clearly tell us: local police station to comply with article 23 of these regulations, the provisions of article 24, shall be registered and issue “raises the dog registration certificate and identity card; dog conditions are not met, will not be registered, and explain the reasons, inform the applicant within 3 days will dog disposal on its own. It’s not easy to apply for a dog saw the above documents, I have some questions:1, non-city registered permanent residence residents or residents who have not obtained a residence permit are prohibited from raising a dog, can it be said that raising a dog is also related to household registration?What is the relationship between keeping a dog and age?What is the relationship between a dog and housing? Raises the dog registration certificate if, in strict accordance with the above, I dare say that at least half of all people do not qualify for a dog, in terms of the author’s observation, dog owners young man, young migrant workers, renters are very common, this part of people did raises the dog registration certificate? Can you do? I’m afraid it still unlicensed dog most people.In addition, I would like to say that it seems that to successfully run the dog registration, but also to have a certain economic strength, first of all, there must be a fixed residence, secondly, it is best to be a local household registration of residents. Finally, also have to do a series of dog physical examination, immunity, which can be expensive.If the dog continues to stray like this, it will end up in a shelter.