Carp Dam scenic area in Xingren City: Rural tourism is favored by tourists during the Spring Festival

2022-09-18 0 By

During the Spring Festival, affected by the epidemic, rural trips, self-drive trips and local trips became the top choices for people to travel during the holiday.In The Liyu Dam scenic area of Tunjiao Town, Xingren City, rural tourism has been pursued by local and even surrounding tourists, attracting many tourists to sightseeing.In Tunjiao town Liyu Ba Scenic area, tourists come to visit in an endless stream, net red bridge, ring, boating and other projects attracted many tourists to clock in, the scenic area of a variety of snacks and stalls on the goods are also favored by tourists.Stall owner Yang Xingzhi said: “The Spring Festival here we sell a little toys, carp dam this place is also quite busy, we sell these toys, children are also more like, business is relatively ok.”Different from previous years, this year’s Carp Dam scenic area added a new grid park, mainly parent-child projects, the grid park opened on the first day of the New Year, during the Spring Festival, the grid park has become a good place for many children to play during the holiday.Chen Qianqian, deputy mayor of Tunjiao town, said: “We created a grid park, even a parent-child park, in order to enrich the hierarchical sense of rural tourism.The parent-child playground mainly includes fish in troubled waters, mirror of the sky, childhood swing and other items, which are very popular among adults and children.”Liu Shuangmei, a tourist, said, “I’m from Anlong. I couldn’t go out during the epidemic. I brought my doll to tuntou Carp Dam to play.Li Fahao, a tourist, said, “I like playing hongqiao, swinging and taking photos. It’s fun.”Feet town, vigorously develop the rural tourism in recent years, the chariot, spent 120 million yuan on carp dam built ecological park scenic area, sheng drum square, butterflies, such as project, at the same time the introduction of the travel company has built high altitude observatory, glass slide, scenic spot with beautiful landscape picture scroll and the characteristics of mountain tourism attracts many visitors to experience,Carp village has also become a well-known tourist village.Tourist Yang Xinglian said: “I went out to work for more than 10 years, back home, very hot, came to carp dam, carp dam is very busy.”Tuen feet town deputy mayor qian-qian Chen said: “we carp village depends on the unique natural environment and ethnic culture, vigorously develop the rural tourism, during the Spring Festival, because is affected by the outbreak, the crowd around choosing our carp village as the venue for this travel, visitors each day for approximately two to thirty thousand people.”(Xin Ren Rong Media Center reporter Ren Changhui Li Fenghua report) Editor: Wu Linjie Second instance: Liu Mingxia final instance: Tang Xiuyuan