999 yuan air conditioning will return to the market, Beijing Suning Shopping first to open the year of the Tiger air conditioning

2022-09-18 0 By

The 999 yuan air conditioner, which has not appeared in The Beijing market for nearly a decade, is about to make a comeback.Beijing Suning Announced on February 13 that it has joined forces with midea, Gree, Haier, Hisense, Daikin and other well-known air conditioning brands to launch the 2022 annual air conditioning program.At that time, there will be a price of 999 yuan of air conditioning launched every day in limited quantity, other models of various brands of air conditioning will also greatly promote sales, the lowest can achieve 50% discount.The regulation comes just before the end of Beijing’s energy saving subsidy policy, which will be extended to March 31, 2022, so consumers who buy air conditioners with corresponding energy saving standards can get an additional energy saving subsidy of 8% to 13%, up to 800 yuan, on top of the promotional price.In addition, Beijing Suning Shopping also superimposed the enterprise version of air conditioning trade-in activities, participating in the trade-in purchase of new air conditioning can also get up to 800 yuan of trade-in subsidies.Suning Buy North management headquarters executive president, Beijing Suning Buy general manager Hao Jia said, a number of preferential measures together, will make this air conditioning is expected to become a year of low air conditioning prices.During the period of air regulation, Beijing Suning Shopping co., Ltd. launched the “buy, send and install” service together with a number of brands to comprehensively improve service efficiency.Consumers who buy midea, Haier and other brands of air conditioners in Suning Stores in Beijing can enjoy the service of “12-hour door-to-door delivery and 24-hour installation”.In addition, participating in the trade-in to buy air conditioning users, but also enjoy free door-to-door dismantling, free delivery, free installation and debugging services.In the past two years, the domestic air conditioning market competition has been upgraded, and the market pressure of all brands has increased significantly.To this, the hao Jia of general manager of executive president of management headquarters of north area of suning easy buy, Beijing suning easy buy expresses, the empty adjustment this year is the earliest in calendar year, also be the first battle of tiger year whole home appliance market, hope to cooperate with manufacturer’s full efforts, realize manufacturer, seller and user win more.Beijing regional leaders of domestic air conditioning brands, including Midea, Gree and Haier, were present to help Suning Air conditioning on the same day, and promised to fully cooperate with the annual new products and supporting resources.Excellent home appliances noticed, as people to health, comfortable attention continues to improve, “fresh air” function has become a new trend in the air conditioning market.Starting from the second half of 2021, the market size of fresh air conditioners has significantly increased, accounting for more than 27% of the total sales, according to data from Suning.During the “Double 11” last year, the sales volume of fresh air conditioners in Beijing Suning Tesco increased by more than six times year on year.From each air conditioning brand this air conditioning on the launch of new products, fresh air conditioning has become the theme.