You think it’s a “sure thing”, but it’s just a scam!9:30 tonight

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Jincheng prosecutors tonight at 9:30 in the establishment of trust, to explore the victim’s funds after the fraud organization will use “teacher cow” “loss compensation” “steady earning” and other words to attract the victim to continue to invest……Build an investment platform that can be operated artificially, attract investors to invest and commit fraud by means of fabricating facts and concealing the truth.Recently, xiangshan County, Zhejiang province, xiangshan County people’s Procuratorate launched a public prosecution, the court sentenced 18 defendants to 10 years and eight months in prison for fraud, helping information network crime activities to be suspended.In October 2019, Ms. Zhang saw a recommendation advertisement on a stock public account and took the initiative to add the QQ of the stock instructor.The other side often chatted with her privately about some stock information, and pulled her into a stock recommendation QQ group, the group of teachers every day to recommend stocks, released stock trends.Ms. Zhang has been paying attention to these information, but also into the teacher push stocks teaching voice broadcast room to learn.Soon, Ms. Zhang saw A group message that the teacher would participate in the national elite investment competition on the PLATFORM A, and 88 people need to be selected to vote. The way to vote is to recharge 546 yuan on the platform A to activate the account. The winner of the bet is the winner of the vote, and the platform will give subsidies to the loser.And the teacher who wins the vote will take the investor to make the follow-up investment.Ms. Zhang felt that she would not lose money, so she actively registered to vote. She bet on platform A according to the guidance of her teacher and made some money.At this time, the teacher told her that platform A can be withdrawn at any time, And Ms. Zhang successfully withdrew cash after doing so.Some people in the group said that the charge of tens of thousands of yuan, this time to make money, and profit screenshots, Ms. Zhang a little enchanted, take the initiative to recharge 2000 yuan.After that, the teacher contacted Ms. Zhang, hoping that she could recharge 1 million yuan to “flush the ticket”, Ms. Zhang agreed to help, the teacher will lead Ms. Zhang to platform B.Ms. Zhang charged 300,000 yuan first and withdrew 3,000 yuan. After a meal of operation, she found that PLATFORM B was not only profitable but also able to withdraw cash, so she charged a total of 1 million yuan.Under the guidance of her friends and teachers, the victim got deeper and deeper. The picture is from the Internet and irrelevant to the text. However, to Ms. Zhang’s surprise, the 1 million yuan recharge was immediately lost.She went to her teacher to ask for compensation, but was told that platform B would not provide compensation until she recharged the same amount of money.At this time, into the group added friends “Meng Meng” told Ms. Zhang, she lost 1.48 million yuan before, by continuing to recharge to get subsidies and successful withdrawal.Taking doubt, Ms Zhang sought advice again claiming to be “police” group friends, he also suggests Ms Zhang to continue to recharge.Under persuasion, Ms. Zhang topped up 1 million yuan.According to Ms. Zhang’s recollection, she has entered three groups successively, from the initial large group of more than 500 people to the later “preparation group” of more than 300 people, and then to the “member group” of more than 200 people, the number of the group is decreasing.Soon into the group, there will be professed to be a stock instructor’s “old fans” take the initiative to add her as QQ friends.In the process of investment on PLATFORM B, every time Ms. Zhang lost money, the platform would change a tutor to guide her to continue top-up.After the second recharge of 1 million yuan, Zhang saw 2.5 million yuan in her account, and the instructor said the extra 500,000 yuan was a rebate.Ms. Zhang then asked to withdraw cash, get the answer is to withdraw 2.5 million yuan needs to have 5 million yuan of the wager water.Later, under the guidance of her new teacher, Zhang lost the 2.5 million yuan in her account again.However, under the double confusion of subsidy and rebate of PLATFORM B, Ms. Zhang collected another 2 million yuan and continued to recharge. At this time, there was 5.2 million yuan in her account.Because the other side has the promise of bottom subsidy, Ms. Zhang lost all the money again.When she asked her teacher for clarification, she was told she needed to recharge her account to compensate, so Zhang recharged another 2 million yuan.In December 2019, when her teacher stopped replying to her messages and the platform’s website failed to open, Zhang finally realized she had met a scammer and reported the case to the police.21 victims lost more than 12 million yuan picture comes from the network, irrelevant to the text undertake prosecutor introduction, this is a entrenched outside the fraud organization.After setting up an investment platform that can be operated in the background, the organization works with the group as a unit and publishes comments and articles related to stocks to attract shareholders to join the QQ group through public accounts and big V forwarding.Salesmen in the group have role positioning, they play a stock analyst, ordinary shareholders, with a single teacher……By setting the name, profile picture, QQ space photos in advance, so that the victims believe it is true.In fact, there are only about 100 real customers in the QQ group of more than 500 people, and the rest are zombie accounts.After preliminary screening and understanding of intentions, they will rebuild the group or kick out the customers who have no investment intention. Finally, there are only one or two real customers in the new group.Is making up A virtual identity, and chat to build trust, figure out the victim money, fraud organisation has been fabricated “teacher very cow” make money “platform” and other words to attract the victim to A platform, imaginary investment game, let the victim bet $546 to vote for the teachers, and to allow small withdrawal, promises “loss compensation” “A one-way ticket” “pay-as-you-go” and so on, the rebateAttract victims to continue to invest in platform B.In fact, fraud gangs but through with the cast, reverse induced betting and other ways to let the victim loss, to upgrade the system and other reasons to prevent withdrawal, after squeezing the victim’s money cut off contact.In order to continue to commit fraud, the organization changes platforms every one to two months to find new victims.According to statistics, the fraud organization has caused 21 people to lose more than 12 million yuan, the victims throughout the country.At 9:30 every night, be there or be square