Pucao Community: Lecture on “March 15” International Consumer Rights Day

2022-09-17 0 By

In order to further improve the self-protection awareness and ability of consumers, guide consumers to establish a scientific, rational, safe and environmental consumption concept, learn to use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.On March 15, 2022, Pucao Community of Zhonghe Street held a publicity lecture with the theme of “Enhancing legal awareness and safeguarding their own rights and interests” in the meeting room of the Talent Apartment Project Department of Xinchuandong.At the scene of the event, community workers and volunteers first distributed knowledge publicity materials on “The Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of consumer Rights and Interests” to the residents present.Then Lawyer Wu quoted real cases in life, to introduce common consumption defects, fraud and so on, let everyone understand the shopping scam.Then from the food and drug safety, the quality of agricultural products, prevent financial fraud, counterfeit and shoddy goods identification and other violations of consumer rights and interests of the solution and prevention methods are explained, and answered the questions of residents.Finally wu lawyer told you when buying a product to see the production date and shelf life, careful buy near expired food, do not eat expired food, at the same time remind residents friends during epidemic prevention and control to strengthen laws and regulations and product knowledge, enhance the ability of ShiJia distinguishes the false, in accordance with law, protect the lawful rights and interests of their own, do a mature rational consumers.This lecture has improved the awareness and ability of protecting the consumption rights and interests of the residents in the area, created a safe and harmonious consumption environment in the community, and made everyone know how to use the law to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in life consumption, set up the concept of quality consumption, and realize a better life.