Pick up national treasures from the junkyard!The old people in Shanxi dug up more than 3,200 cultural relics in 20 years and handed them over to the state free of charge

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Lei Yuqi, an elderly man from Shanxi Province, has spent 20 years since the last century rummaging through garbage to find cultural relics.At that time, the general public lacked knowledge and ability of cultural relics, so many cultural relics would be mistaken for scrap iron and thrown into the furnace to melt down.Be informed of this one message, Lei Yuqi consciously wants to assume responsibility for the country, he consulted data, study the knowledge related to cultural relics.On the transport route to the furnace, Lei yuqi led the team to pick and choose for 20 years.In these 20 years, Lei Yuqi saved a total of 3,200 cultural relics, all free contribution to the country.Lei Yuqi was born in 1928. Lei Yuqi experienced the flames of war. Like most people of that era, he saw the broken mountain and river at a young age, and clenched his teeth until the establishment of new China.He was deeply aware of the changes of The Times when the state advocated that the people should be masters of their own affairs, and they finally stood up instead of living an oppressed life like their grandparents.Now everything is because of the country and the party, so Lei Yuqi has an idea in his mind: even if it is insignificant, but also must do something for the country.With such an idea in mind, Lei Yuqi worked hard and soon became the deputy manager of Taiyuan Copper Company.One day, Lei yuqi read an article in a newspaper that a smelter in Shanghai had found cultural relics while melting copper waste.This thing all of a sudden sounded Lei Yuqi, also holding copper company he can not help but doubt whether in the past time also inadvertently melted cultural relics.Just thought of this possibility, Lei Yuqi could not sit still, he naturally did not want the country’s cultural relics to be wasted in vain.Knowing his lack of cultural knowledge Lei Yuqi first went to experts for advice, and self-taught some relevant knowledge, he hopes to encounter these cultural relics in the future when they can save back from the furnace.Soon Lei yuqi found the first cultural relic of his life, and this day he was working on the assembly line as usual.Suddenly, he spotted a strange-looking object.This thing is in the shape of a T, and it doesn’t look like anything you would produce today.In addition, from the mottled degree of things, Lei Yuqi decided that such things are likely to be cultural relics.Therefore, Lei Yuqi carefully wrapped the cultural relic, and quickly went to the cultural heritage bureau to verify the identity.As Lei Yuqi thought, experts from shaanxi Provincial Museum confirmed the identity of the object after looking at it: “Good thing!This is the currency of the Western Zhou Dynasty.Searching through the whole of China, we can only find five such things now. This currency can be said to be a national first-class cultural relic.”Hearing such news, Lei Yuqi was very happy, and he knew that his actions really helped the country.Lei Yuqi returned home in the excitement, more than a sad.He knew his power was limited and he could not fight alone against the huge amount of daily work.If he relied on himself, there would be too many relics to save.In order to be able to reduce the loss as soon as possible, Lei Yuqi organized the establishment of cultural relics rescue group, he appointed himself as the leader, leading everyone to restore the loss for the country.When the team appeared before the workers, they were puzzled as they watched the group rummaging through the garbage, no one knowing what they were looking for.Some people asked about them, and when they heard them looking for relics, many laughed, thinking they were talking in their sleep.However, when Lei Yuqi and the team made some achievements, these people doubted their intentions: did you do this for the sake of interests?The noise grew louder and even drew in the investigators.After three months of investigation, they found nothing unseemly on Lei’s body.Although the investigation without reason makes people feel wronged, but Lei Yuqi knows that the investigation proved his innocence.Think of here, he dropped the grievance in the heart, and all the enthusiasm into saving cultural relics.In the whole 20 years, Lei Yuqi as the group leader has never changed, but the team members come and go, I don’t know how many times.During a long period of time, the team rescued five first-class cultural relics for the country, and there were dozens or even hundreds of second-class cultural relics and third-class cultural relics.According to state statistics, Lei yuqi and his team handed over more than 3,200 cultural relics, all of which were handed over to the state for free.In 1984, the government appreciated lei Yuqi’s contribution to the country and rewarded him with 4000 yuan in cash and a TV set.Lei yuqi chose to donate 4,000 yuan to a local kindergarten, and then put the TV awarded to him in the factory for everyone to watch.The old man did not want to get any return from the beginning to the end, he quietly led the team to save countless cultural relics for the country for 20 years.Through these cultural relics, we can temporarily touch the departed history with our hands and eyes across the distance of time and space.Some of the artifacts that many people see in today’s Shanxi Provincial Museum may have been created by Lei Yuqi and his team.These people and everyone carried out a struggle on time, with their efforts to let us see the treasure of today, everywhere from the past beauty.Now Lei Yuqi has finished the task of searching for cultural relics. After retirement, he has become a collector, but there are no valuable cultural relics in his home.Because Lei yuqi always believed that cultural relics should not be collected by private people, if he could get some treasures, they would be handed over to the state for free.There are moments when poverty and wealth are not measured in material terms.Although Lei yuqi worked with more than 3,200 cultural relics during his lifetime, it did not make him a rich man.But in the spirit he has been greatly satisfied, the search for these cultural relics in the process let him feel their own value.Such behavior is also a return to the country and The Times endowed him with those happiness in life.