Others go home you “move” high-speed performance “side somersault” | Safe Spring Festival traffic police counterparts

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At 10:30 on January 17, the high-speed traffic police Shenzhou Brigade command center received a report that guangzhou daguang expressway direction 1510 km, there is a van overturned.When police arrived at the scene, they found a blue van lying on its side in the first lane, with several long scratches on the ground, glass shards and belongings scattered all around. There were no warning signs at the back of the van.After the accident scene to do a good job of safety warning, police questioned the driver: the party wu couple from Beijing, back to henan home for the Spring Festival.Line to here, Wu mou to change from the third lane into the second lane, but because the compartment was filled with large boxes of small bags of luggage items, the rearview mirror line of sight was blocked, Wu mou failed to see the rear of the truck.When he saw it, he took the wrong braking measures due to his inner panic, which eventually caused the van to lose control and roll over and slide forward for more than ten meters.Luckily, the couple were wearing seat belts and no one was hurt.After the accident, the two, still in shock, broke through the cracked front windshield and stood outside the guardrail waiting for help.Police to assist the couple in the van luggage items dragged out, according to the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” relevant provisions, identified wu mou full responsibility for the accident, bear all the losses.At the same time, wu driving a passenger car in violation of the provisions of the cargo, traffic accident after the provisions of not set up a warning sign of the two illegal acts combined fined 400 yuan, 3 points.1. Passenger car carrying goods in the vehicle emergency braking, the goods contained in the car is easy to squeeze forward, causing harm to the front passenger and driver.2. With too much cargo, the trunk door is easy to open when the vehicle is moving, which is squeezed by the cargo (the door), and the cargo falls on the road, causing a certain impact on the rear car.3. If the cargo is too high, the rearview mirror is easily blocked, and the driver cannot effectively observe the situation of the vehicle coming from behind, and cannot take effective avoidance measures.4. In the design of freight cars, there are partitions between goods and cab, but small cars do not. If the vehicle adopts emergency braking or turning, the goods loaded in the compartment will make the vehicle center of gravity shift, affecting the braking and driving stability.Cargo is also easy to tilt forward, light impact driver operation, serious injury to the front row driver and passenger.Once a traffic accident happens, if there are a lot of goods in the bus, especially the heavy goods, it will be a great test to the braking of the vehicle.It is easy to lead to brake failure, brake failure and other consequences, and even may cause secondary accidents.What’s more, once the vehicle rolls over, the cargo will be mixed with the passengers inside, which is extremely unfavorable to rescue.Source | high-speed traffic police in hebei hengshui team