New Year need “please door god”, which please to protect the house?What is it all about

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Who is the door god pasted?Uncle said short, get down to business who is the door god posted?That is certainly the majestic Qin Qiong and Jingde, estimated that this sentence said, the net friends will protest, said my home is not posted, so uncle will give you break off pull off, the door god who exactly posted?As early as in the Classic of Mountains and Sea, it was recorded that there were two great gods responsible for guarding the door of the ghost, “one zh ū n shū, the other zh ū yu lǜ l, the king of the evil spirits.”Later, people knew that in order to protect themselves from ghosts, they carved their names on the peach board, called hanging peach fu, which is the earliest door god.Uncle do not know if you still remember wang Anshi wrote “Yuanri” there is a sentence “always change the new peach into the old character” said is this “peach character”.In the novel Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties, Li Shimin killed a lot of people during his construction period. Later, he always felt haunted by ghosts when he slept at night, so he asked Qin Qiong and Yuchi Gong, two generals, to wear battle armor at night and wait outside the door.As expected, it worked, but it could not let the two generals guard the door every day, so they ordered the painter to draw the two generals down and stick them on the door, which became the more reliable spread of the door god we now stick.Uncle said at the beginning of the net friends will protest, because the door god is also a lot of, but also a lot of types.There is the exorcism category, represented by shēn shū and Yu L ǜ. The doorgod of this category, most of them bare-chested, with an evil face, was used to suppress evil spirits.Blessing category to blessing, lu, longevity three gods as the representative, the picture is more kind, is used for blessing, hope from the blessing door god can bless their promotion and wealth, wealth.We are familiar with military generals, such as Qin Qiong, Jingde, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. Most of them are fierce and heroic military generals who protect the safety of their families.The civil officials were all literati prime ministers, and the famous ones were Wei Zheng and Bao Gong, who were honest and upright, strict in law enforcement and admired by the common people.There are some special ones such as zhaocai Boy, Zhong Kui, the four Heavenly Kings and so on, each kind of representative of the implication is not the same these door gods are extraordinary and we worship and worship, not only pure door god, more is our belief and pray for them.