Nanchang: looking for a “unified international household” to do the whole house custom, money spent to live but no one stem?

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Original source | urban scene recently, please do not reprint without permission, a number of consumers to call the city site, their last year in jiangxi nanchang red valley cuhk on “unify international home” spend your whole house customization, but recently, they received a message from the store staff, said store is going to collapse, hurriedly to rights.What’s going on here?Consumer Ms Huang tells a reporter, December 4 last year, she was in united international household spent 34000 to do more than whole house custom, but this money spent out, the other side is a penny to work also did not stem.A few days ago, the staff of this store privately contacted many customers, Shouting that we should go to the past to protect our rights, because the store is going to close.Consumer Ms. Huang: The employee said that the company had gone bankrupt, and we could not contact the person in charge. The employee sent us a message saying that the company had been in arrears for more than two months, and they had also applied for labor arbitration.Another consumer, Mr. Huang, told reporters that he called the company’s many responsible people, and now even the designer can not contact.Customer Mr. Huang: the employee told me that the company went bankrupt, and then he gave me several contact information, but I did not get through when I hit.At the scene, the reporter contacted an employee of this store.Employee of “Yitong International Home furnishing” store in Nanchang: It is not closed, but now it means financial difficulties. The shareholder of Yitong said that he would come to Nanchang to solve this matter after the beginning of the decade. We did not call him until we received our salary.Subsequently, the reporter accompanies a few consumers, come to red valley beach area market supervises administration sandwell branch, the staff member here tells a reporter, recently period of time, land and land have many consumers to complain this shop.At present, the wechat group alone has 40 members.Staff of Shajing Branch of Market Supervision Bureau of Honggutan District, Nanchang:The person in charge of their engineering department came, but did not provide a solution. The person in charge of their engineering department will transfer a person from Beijing to solve this problem for all consumers around 10th, that is, 10th. It has not closed down yet, but it is on holiday now, so you cannot find his person.They seem to be involved in the public security department because of this matter, their engineering department said it was because of the problem of capital chain.The market supervises the staff member of the branch to tell a reporter, at present they plan to wait until the beginning of the year ten, the relevant person in charge came to Nanchang again to carry out detailed investigation inquiry work.Staff of Shajing Branch of Market Supervision Bureau of Honggutan District, Nanchang:We have now given it the consumer warning, is its business license cannot be cancelled, can’t change, their 10th will come around to accept our survey, we first step around the 10th they sent to the head of the company headquarters for an enquiry, and asked him exactly how to deal with the whole thing unity will reply you.