Lenovo hold back big trick!The parameters of the rescuer Y90 are outrageous, and the Y700 gaming tablet is worth waiting for

2022-09-17 0 By

The New Year will use a new mobile phone, consumers need more affordable products, lenovo brought sincerity this time.Rescuer new game mobile phone and new game tablet official exposure, parameters are too strong.In the PC industry, Lenovo is the absolute leader. Despite the naysayers, it has remained number one every year and is far ahead of its peers in market share.But when it comes to the mobile industry, Lenovo, which also stands for getting up early and catching up late, has not been so lucky.The good news, however, is that Lenovo is strong here, and the mobile business is back on track after the restructuring.The Rescuer mobile game series has gone through two iterations, and the third generation product is also improved.Lenovo’s mobile phone business has gradually stabilized. In 2021, Lenovo mainly launched Salvation e-sports phone 2 Pro and MOTOROLA series products, and achieved good results.Due to the limited mobile market for games, the Saviour series is relatively slow to iterate, one generation per year.Now 2022 has arrived, the third generation of Saviour mobile game has entered the warm-up stage.But it’s not called Deliverer 3, it’s Called Deliverer Y90.In addition to the name, details have also been redesigned.The powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 three-piece set is a standard feature of rescuer’S Y90 gaming phone, which has been revealed by bloggers.With 18GB of ram and 4GB of virtual memory expansion, it comes with an amazing 640GB of storage.This super storage is made up of UFS 3.1 and SSD, which is the performance ceiling of Android phones.At the same time, it has a 144Hz high-brush screen, supports 5600mah battery and 68W fast charge, six-god key, symmetrical stereo dual speakers, and is very powerful.According to previous exposed renderings, the Saviour Y90 has a variety of color options, and instead of sticking with a landscape, mid-pop, and front-facing camera, it has a normal full-screen screen.As a professional game mobile phone, the lifesaving Y90 heat dissipation system is very strong, the addition of a double fan active heat dissipation, and with the latest ZUI 13 system, performance release must be good.So fierce with material, this cost will not be too low, in the price respect may be adjusted.It is worth mentioning that this time there are not only mobile products but also tablet products.Saviour’s first gaming tablet will be named Saviour Y700, the same name as the previous game.The tablet features an 8.8-inch 2K resolution display and a 120Hz refresh rate.The processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 870, stable and reliable, with a 6550mah battery and 45W super flash charge.The configuration is still very capable of playing, the pricing should not be too expensive, the key is the size is appropriate.Now the tablet market competition pressure is relatively small, there are not a few manufacturers willing to do game tablet, rescue is the layout of the relatively early.At 8.8 inches, it may not be to everyone’s satisfaction, but it’s not huge compared to other products that are 10 inches or larger.With fast charging, a large battery, a high-performance platform and a nice design, the Deliverer Y700 could be a hit if priced right.Do the Internet well, drive the development of mobile phones to save.According to the price of the mobile phone before the rescuer, I believe this will be very sincere.Lenovo’s products in the past two years have high cost performance, no matter computers or mobile phones, with low prices and generous configurations.The existence of such a brand is good for the market and consumers.For more exciting content, come to LH mobile phone technology fans