GA8 enjoy a new environment in the meantime

2022-09-17 0 By

Enjoy luxury driving, live up to the time, GAC Trumpchi GA8 156,800 yuan, Xingyi City GAC Trumpchi 4S shop to buy a car profit of 5,000 yuan, looking forward to your visit.Car purchase courtesy :5 years 150,000km warranty, maintenance: the first owner of the lifetime free basic maintenance into the shop registration information can receive a beautiful gift (water pattern cup 5 sets).To the shop to buy a successful car, that is, send 1000 yuan gift package.Super 0 down payment, 0 interest rate, super long 5 years loan, repayment without pressure.To participate in the replacement of old replacement customers, up to 10000 yuan replacement subsidy.Purchase: up to 3000 yuan purchase subsidy transfer to introduce the success of the car, that is, send 1000 yuan oil card.Welcome to the store for more surprise benefits.Gac Trumpchi brand comprehensive upgrade, let you control tomorrow’s technology, open a better life, a Trumpchi wisdom, better