Du Xinghua: A “sentimental cautionary flower” blooming in the community

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Village, community miscellaneous, in addition to carrying out public security prevention, but also to deal with all kinds of disputes, solve emergencies.Want to become an excellent community police in the township grassroots police station, must be “versatile” and “all-skilled”.Such work, for a female police is not easy.However, in the Yuecun police station of Wen County Public Security Bureau, a female police officer, who has just entered the community policing post for two years, has set the benchmark.Her name is Du Xinghua, yue Village police station xiguan police room is a community police.At noon on February 14, Du Xinghua was having lunch when he was instructed to urgently find a woman to check relevant information. The woman’s domicile is under the jurisdiction of Yuecun police station.Du Xinghua put down the chopsticks, immediately rushed to the woman’s village to check, found that it has moved away for many years.Du, in conjunction with village officials, got relevant information and quickly went to visit a company, which said the woman had long since left the company.Du Xinghua did not give up, in the enterprise to verify the relevant situation and in-depth investigation.At 2:30, a moment did not stop du Xinghua finally found the woman in a community, checked the information.Back to the police station, already hungry she said nothing about their hard work, continue to work.Du Xinghua, who has been a police officer for 10 years, has worked in special patrol police and supervisory posts.In 2020, she was transferred to the Xiguan Police Office of Yuecun Police Station and became a community police officer.At that time, some people around him said that there were many grassroots matters, and there were few female community police officers in the county.Du Xinghua said: “Female police also have special advantages, as long as they are willing to do well.”Good work is determined, but also depends on the results.Many people did not expect that Du Xinghua’s performance is amazing.In just two years, she won the third – class merit.In the jiaozuo Public Security Bureau 2021 full police actual combat training competition, she was the first team leader of the grassroots police, and won the “City May 1 Labor medal”, “city technology model” and other honorary titles.Behind the achievement, who knows how much the female police paid?As soon as du became a community police officer, he rented a house to live in the area of the police station.Living in the precinct just to save more time.What about the time saved?Du xinghua learned from the old community police in the police station and the auxiliary police who worked long hours, and quickly got familiar with the business.After work and rest days, she will take a notebook into the streets and lanes of the district, talk about work, constantly familiar with the district situation, and the district residents become one.The area of the size of the matter in mind, Du Xinghua again and again, won the area of the masses praise.In September 2021, shortly after the district had a small courtyard for rent, careful Du Xinghua found something unusual: several young men and women often entered the hospital, and then closed the door.Du Xinghua quietly and the landlord to inquire about the situation, secret investigation, found that these people in the house is to call or network chat, judging that this is a telecommunications fraud dens.After obtaining the evidence, Du xinghua quickly reported to his superiors.In Du Xinghua’s cooperation, police station to send police action, verify that her judgment is completely correct, at one fell swoop this telecom fraud den end.In 2021, Du solved many cases and arrested more than 20 illegal persons through visits and other clues.Every day, Du xinghua observes, thinks and innovates actively.Xiguan police office in addition to du Xinghua a female police, there are several female auxiliary police.She gave full play to the female police delicate, serious and other advantages, the establishment of the “Xiguan police flower” contradiction mediation team.Door-to-door service for district residents.In 2021, the “Xiguan Police Flower” conflict mediation team resolved 58 disputes among residents in the jurisdiction, and coordinated and solved 6 problems for enterprises.Du Xinghua contributed a lot to the peace and harmony of the district.Last year, an old man surnamed Wang, who lives alone in his district, had a leaking sewer pipe that damaged the downstairs residents’ home, and the two sides almost clashed.Wang’s temper is more irritable, Du Xinghua twice to mediate, were rejected by the door.At that time, du xinghua was advised: “These two families are not easy to manage, you should not ‘love’.”Du Xinghua was unyielding and continued to do wang’s ideological work.In order to solve the problem effectively, Du Xinghua took the initiative to contact acquaintances for wang mou free maintenance sewer.Wang was moved by Du Xinghua’s serious and responsible, enthusiastic service, the initiative to compensate for the loss of the downstairs residents, the contradiction between the two sides completely resolved.Du Xinghua looks weak on the surface, but he always has a tenacity.During the epidemic prevention and control period last summer, Du Xinghua subcontracted a building in his district. At the beginning, he needed to conduct door-to-door information screening.Because some residents are often not at home, Du Xinghua took the initiative to work overtime, only a few hours of rest every day, two days simply visited the whole hospital many times, all the information of all personnel to verify clearly.In his daily work, du xinghua has many stories worthy of praise.Busy in the front line, dry in practice, the female police’s conscientious, wholehearted struggle, let the badge shine out of another kind of light.Jiaozuo Daily all media reporter Du Tingyong photo reporting ▼ Chief Executive: Zhang Hua Editor: Liu Zhengwen Overall planning: Liang Yining Editor: Zhao Xiaoxiao Review: Wang Yingyan editor: Liang Yining Intern: Tian Xiangyu submission email: jzzfwtg@163.com