“Doctor into police” kneel, blow “Mu Shao sweet Wife attack” with 9.8 points counterattack to win!

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Recently, many fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian this also feel empathy.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!”Doctor Enters Police Door” kneels down, blow “Mu Shao’s Sweet Wife Attack” with 9.8 points of the comeback win!The first book: “fast wear: bar upper abdomen black big man” author: Three thousand peach Yao introduction: Su Yao on a second down a few small bullies, the next second rushed into the man’s arms to pack fear pack weak, trembling like a small white flower destroyed by the wind and rain, “those who I am afraid.Into the pit guide: Qin Yuan in front of Su Yao to wear clothes, each action are slow, see su Yao some thirsty, he picked up a big cup of cold water on the bedside table, suddenly into the mouth, but a little egg with no.Su Yao can only bury his head into bed, no longer go to see Qin Yuan, but also recite the pure heart mantra in his heart.After qin Yuan put on his clothes, he said to Su Yao, who was hiding in bed, “Hurry up and put on your clothes. I will take you to buy your clothes and eat breakfast by the way.”Su Yao originally is do not want to get up, but hear him behind that sentence, immediately excited jumped up from the bed, “that have fish to eat?”Qin yuan did not give him a clear answer to this question, but said, “If you don’t get up immediately, there will be no, and…”Words have not finished, Su Yao directly interrupted him, “I now get up, you can not cheat me, otherwise, otherwise I tickle dead you, I really, you can not not believe!”See him a pair of milk fierce milk fierce appearance, Qin Yuan some whether to laugh or cry, “rest assured, I will not cheat you.”Qin Yuan wardrobe took out a new clothes thrown to Su Yao, Su Yao scrambled to catch.Introduction: One is a plain-looking surgeon with a sharp brain.One is a loyal and courageous and progressive criminal investigation captain.Yang Wenbin was terrified by what was going through his head, and he could hardly keep his body from shaking in the cold of midnight.Just then he felt a pair of warm, calloused hands on the back of his own.”As the leader of the criminal Investigation Team of the Criminal Investigation Division of CITY C, I want to tell you that, yes, what we are doing, what you are doing, is meaningful.”Yan junli shook Yang wenbin’s hand, looked into his eyes as if he were looking at the most important thing in the world, and said earnestly and carefully, “Maybe you’re right about one thing, that this isn’t just a puzzle game, it’s about people’s lives and the SINS of humanity.But that doesn’t mean you’re working in vain, that it hasn’t been in vain, that we’ve come so far, that maybe the truth is just between us, and you just can’t see it yet.”Yang wenbin’s hands no longer trembled, his eyes lowered, his Adam’s apple moving up and down, “but for what?”Before she was reborn, Han Shaoqi was her sky, her place, her spring blossoms, her whole world and nothing but her husband.Into the pit guide: how did he let go of the old man promised to liao Hong Snow back home?”Your mother went early. At that time, my father often had to go on a mission and couldn’t stay at home with you. Later, he agreed to raise Liao Hongxue.Who would have thought that he did a good deed for his comrade-in-arms to raise his daughter, but almost killed his own daughter.”My father is kind to her, but I just hope she can remember my father is kind to her, and then she can be grateful to take care of you a little more. If I had known today, my father could not take her home.”Gu Qingfeng was not stupid. He had never thought of it before, but now gu Xiu ying’s words woke him up, and he could not find out what was wrong.If he could not understand what liao Hongxue pushed Gu Xiu ying off the cliff, gu Qing Feng understood when Gu Xiu Ying mentioned those things left to her by her mother.As Gu Xiu ying said, there was no trace of the cliff fall and no evidence could be collected. Even if we reported it to the police, they would say it was an accident after investigation. It was not up to him to be serious about it.(Click below to read it for free) Doctor into the Police door kneel, blow mu Shao’s Sweet Wife attack with 9.8 points counterattack to win!That’s all for today’s recommendation. What would you like to say to the editor?Comment in the comments section below the end of this article, xiaobian can see oh, look forward to your comments.”He how not to enlighten” 9.9 high scores long separation, yan pressure seven micro, sweet plot overflow!Blowing winter willow leaves and a high quality good article, yan pressure “ordinary female Strategy”, 9.9 minutes must see!Such as small fruit another ancient pet text circle countless fans, throw off “Lanxiang edge”, 9.8 points to your heart flutter!