Do you know a good email address for sending mass emails?

2022-09-17 0 By

With the development of the society, our sales model and there are great changes taking place in, before our sales model mainly by all kinds of people in the offline are done for marketing, but with the progress of our science and technology, the Internet has become a part of our life are inseparable, at this time a new marketing mode operation and,That is the mail marketing model, the following for everyone to introduce a group mail very good mailbox – TOM VIP mailbox.I believe that as long as it is in the Marketing Department of the people should understand that today’s marketing is not only offline marketing this kind of marketing, but more and more diverse, then the most outstanding marketing way that of course is the email marketing.Now email marketing has entered the eyes of all walks of life marketing personnel, so the choice of which mailbox is the most important, the following to tell you that we have been using TOM VIP mailbox, we chose them mainly because their mailbox can be divided into several levels, according to their own needs to choose,The following VIP supreme post unlimited capacity 500 VIP unlimited mail capacity of a single group 30 g 400 VIP acme mail infinite capacity of a single group Single mass 400 VIP elite mail capacity 18 g 200 VIP business mail capacity of a single group 8 gSingle group send 100 and VIP mailbox has 50 privileged functions can be used, large attachments, sent mail can be withdrawn, deleted mail can be restored by mistake, is a very good mailbox.What is most worth mentioning is a function of free mail, which is my favorite function. You can send and receive emails on wechat, and it is more convenient to use.