Dawn social workers are on the move

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Author: Zhang WenjuanZaozhuang News 2022-04-08 19:28:00 Zaozhuang News recently, the “Assembly call” of the third round of nucleic acid testing for all staff in The central District of Zaozhuang city was sounded, and the Shuguang Social Work Service Center of Zaozhuang city was moved by the order and responded quickly.40 social workers volunteers immediately rushed to the mining area streets east garden community, community, culture road streets on the old company, lake and yong town west of minhang community prevention headquarters, hengshan road station, yongan police station, actively assist the government and community in flow, follow-up, data statistics, information reporting, nucleic acid detection and so on work,We will ensure that the third round of nucleic acid tests will be carried out in an orderly, fast and smooth manner, adding a bright light to community-level epidemic prevention.(Correspondent Zhang Wenjuan) Editor: Liu Fulong Blame: Ma Yuanliang