Zhengzhou no. 18 school: Jinzhi excellence, total achievement

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The pace of time is in a hurry and firm, recording efforts and efforts, but also witness the accumulation and growth.Looking back at 2021, Zhengzhou 18 preschool education people unite as one, forge ahead in unity, dare to open up, dare to innovate, we have experienced the test, but also created a good performance.In the happy atmosphere of the New Year, standing at a new starting point of the New Year, all the staff of Zhengzhou No. 18 School kindergarten gathered together in the beautiful Utopia campus on the first day of construction on February 12, 2022, and held the work report and commendation conference for the semester of 2021-2022, summarizing the unforgettable 2021 and promising the best wishes for 2022.• The talented host team started work and gathered together in the Spring Festival is full of joy and joy. The first thing to open is our kindergarten in No. 18 School 2022 Spring Festival Reunion of the Year of the Tiger.The new semester, new appearance, thick spring in the air to disperse the winter cold, vientiane update gestates hopes of the New Year, kindergarten mother also for us to send the most sincere blessing: wish we in the New Year health peace, also hope to us since the first day of work, sincerely treat each person, take everything seriously, and threw herself into her favorite preschool education career.With the gift prepared by the little angel, we walked up the stairs and came to the beautifully arranged concert hall. What we experienced together this year was playing on the big screen, which warmed the scene and warmed the heart.We have had an extraordinary year in 2021. Despite the double blow of floods and the epidemic, we have still made progress and made achievements that cannot be ignored with our diligence, wisdom and unity.Warm time, witnessed 18 children through sonorous passion years, precipitated 18 children extraordinary will and courage.No matter when and where we are, we never forget: dedication, teaching, teaching, lifelong learning.This is also the most beautiful 18 preschool teachers give us the best interpretation.Twelve teachers vividly narrated the miracle of education in the fertile land of 18 with one true story after another. With the moisten of time, we also witnessed the growth track of teaching and learning with children.• Sea sailing depends on the helmsman, all things grow by the sun.The interview in the middle level, like a little by little, solved our doubts and pointed out the direction for the next stage of the team.The questions in this interview were collected from the teachers and voted by secret ballot. Faced with the question “which garden is more ideal in the mind of the principal mother”, the principal mother replied: “If you are the ideal you, then our kindergarten is the ideal kindergarten.The two zones are like my mother’s two children, and my mother wants to give her best love to each child.”In the interview, the principal mother also mentioned more than once that the world of kindergarten is good and pure, hoping that we can become a beam of light to illuminate everyone around us.Career happiness is a topic of great concern to everyone in the workplace. Faced with the problem of “how to be a happy preschool teacher”, Director Cui of Utopia Park taught us her secret of happiness: contentment, fairness, gratitude and independence.Logistics work is the most important guarantee for the daily activities of the kindergarten. Director Qin got the question “how to communicate and deal with interpersonal relationships with aunts and uncles of parents’ generation?”Through specific examples, Director Qin answered the question with four words, that is: respect, understand, appreciate and listen.In this interview, my friends all benefited a lot. The road was long and the journey was coming, and the future was promising.We firmly believe that under the leadership of park leaders to set an example, our team will be able to use hard work to support the ideal, to struggle to continue to write a brilliant chapter.In the past year, the kindergarten has reaped great achievements, and a large number of excellent teams and individuals have emerged, who are silently dedicated and shining in their posts.• In addition to the award of “shining pictures of award-winning teachers”, we also enjoyed the dances and skits brought by the teachers. While admiring the teachers’ versatility, we also harvested the happiness and happiness belonging to preschool teachers.The ceremony ended with the middle team singing “There are so many People in the World.”There are so many people in this world, how lucky we are all 18 people.• Versatile treasure teachers love to enjoy the family dinner, the year of the Tiger reunion and the much-anticipated red carpet will begin, through the long stairs, teachers will present the most beautiful themselves here, out of the positive life, out of the year of the tiger better themselves.• Confident and elegant red carpet highlight moment At the dinner party, we toast together, wish peace and prosperity, smooth work and bright life.The last part of the event is the unveiling of the cherub.As a little happiness of 18 preschool teachers than the love of leaders, as well as the silent guard between peers.In the angel’s warm embrace, the evening ended successfully.2021, thank you, accompany all the way.In the New Year, we will be full of passion, continue to struggle, open the wings to fly, flying toward a higher and farther goal of 18, “do temperature education”, “let every child healthy, happy and grow up”, we look forward to 2022 new harvest and brilliant.Source: “18 School” wechat official account