Women face sallow spirit, do this pig tail yam soup to drink, often drink ruddy and shiny complexion

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Female face wax yellow no spirit, do more of this pig tail yam soup to drink, often drink ruddy luster complexion hello, I am sauce sauce.Will know how to take good care of yourself as a middle-aged woman, in addition to use skin care products to maintain the skin at ordinary times, we should also pay more attention to internal maintenance, inside and outside and repair, such ability won’t yellowish skin look no spirit, so share with you today a pig tail yam soup nutrition fitted her for women friends, often drink the soup, complexion is ruddy luster.Let’s take a look.First prepare 30 grams of black beans, add boiling water to a bowl, soak the black beans for 30 minutes.Black beans are dry beans that are hard to cook, so soak them first to shorten the cooking time.Prepare a pig’s tail and roast the skin on the gas fire.The purpose of roasting is to burn off the hair on the skin of the pig tail, and also to remove some of the fishy smell of the pig tail, until the surface is slightly charred.Then the pig tail basin, add water, with steel wire ball roast pig tail brush clean, brush off the yellow part.After washing, clean it with water, and then chop it into small pieces on the chopping board. Pig tail, also known as skin and skin, is composed of cortex and joints, rich in protein and gelatin, but also rich in trace elements.It’s a great ingredient for women who care.Once you’ve chopped it, put it in a pan of cold water, add two slices of ginger, and bring it to a boil over high heat.Bring to the boil and skim the surface.Then use chopsticks to clip the pig’s tail into the pressure cooker. Time is tight today, so use the pressure cooker. If you have time, you should steam it through water, so the soup will not be easy to heat.Next we prepare a peeled carrot, hob it into chunks, carrots are not unfamiliar, it is an alkaline food material, contains a variety of vitamins and carotene.Prepare a peeled yam and cut it into small pieces. Yams contain micronutrients, protein, crude fiber and more, which have anti-aging benefits.And then we’re gonna add it all to the pressure cooker.30 minutes later our black beans are also soaked, clean the black beans, black beans are rich in protein, vitamin E, anthocyanin and trace elements, and black beans contain 80% unsaturated fatty acids, very easy to absorb, its protein is twelve times milk.Female friends can eat some of the right amount, good for the body.After washing, put the black beans into a pressure cooker, and then add water according to the number of people in the family.Cover the lid of the pot, put in the pressure valve, turn on the fire to suppress air, and then turn to a small fire to suppress 15 minutes of time.After 15 minutes, turn off the heat, and when the pressure is completely down, remove the pressure valve, remove the lid, and keep the heat on to bring the soup to a boil, and then we spoon off the fat, so that the soup doesn’t feel greasy.After skimming, season with a tablespoon of salt, stir well with a spoon and remove from the heat.So a pig tail yam soup is done, sweet soup, pig tail soft waxy, female friends can collect to try.Very nutritious and good for your skin if you drink it regularly.The female face wax yellow not spirit, do this more pig tail yam soup to drink, often drink complexion ruddy luster.What do you think?Leave a message in the comments section.Everybody is good!I am food bloggers sauce sauce, a share of 90 treasure mom love food, like discovering all kinds of food in the kitchen, in the future I will share the practice of some food, cooking skills, as well as a variety of ingredients selected skill for everyone, hope that we support a lot, finally thank you for your reading, you are welcome to forward, collection, thumb up, pay close attention to.‬ ‬ ‬