The two cities on April 1, turnover of 937.15 billion, 89 shares trading limit (with 10 active shares)

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On April 1, the total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was 937.15 billion yuan, down 7.29% from 1,010.89 billion yuan on the previous trading day.However, the trading volume of A shares on that day was higher than the five-day average, and the market trading volume fluctuated downward.In terms of shenwan first-level industries, the industry with the highest turnover on April 1 was medicine and biology, with the total turnover reaching 134.238 billion yuan, accounting for 14.32% of the total turnover in the two cities.Hot transaction industries were tracked. The top three trades on that day were pharmaceutical, chemical and real estate, while the previous trading day was pharmaceutical, chemical and real estate. Real estate, chemical and pharmaceutical and biological industries ranked the top three in terms of transaction volume for two consecutive days.In terms of individual stocks, Kweichow Moutai took the crown with the highest turnover on that day, with a total turnover of 7.937 billion yuan.The top 10 stocks by turnover were concentrated in real estate development and beverage manufacturing, while the TOP3 stocks were kweichow moutai, China pharmaceutical and Oriental fortune.Today, the three major a-share indexes achieved varying degrees of gains, among which the Shanghai Composite index rose 0.94% to close at 3,282.72 points.The Shenzhen Component index rose 0.91% and the Chinext index rose 0.28%.April 1, the Sse 50 rose 1.53%, gem index rose 0.28%, the performance of the Sse weight is better than the shenzhen stock.On that day, the performance of sse 50 and GEM index is similar, and there is no obvious difference in the style of small and large plates.A total of 89 stocks on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges rose by their daily limit on April 1.Among them, China real estate harvest six even board, the day the successful sealing board.In the division of finance four board, *ST room four board.Haitai development early continuous trading day open board, from March 24 to March 31 a total of six even board.From the plate distribution of the trading limit, the shenzhen main board of the trading limit of 41 stocks, ranked the first of all the plates.Shanghai’s main board followed, with a total of 26 stocks rising by the daily limit.From the industry distribution, the stock trading on the day more concentrated in the real estate development industry.Real estate development on the day of a maximum number of shares, a total of 17 stocks.From the distribution of market value, the day trading stocks for the market value of less than 5 billion yuan of super small stocks, a total of 45 stocks.Small-cap stocks with A market value of 5bn to 10bn followed, with 24 A-shares rising by the daily limit.On that day, there were 200 billion market value of large-cap stocks trading limit, the successful realization of the “elephant dance”.On April 1, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3282.72 and continued to trade between 3200-3300. It has now traded within this range for 12 trading days.Choice data show that the day of Shanghai a total of 405.676 billion yuan, from the distribution of chips in nearly a month, the market below the support line 3227 points, the upper resistance line 3351 points, pay attention to the index interval operation and breakthrough.Tracking the average distribution of individual stocks, on April 1, a total of 2,264 stocks in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets closed above the weekly average (5-day moving average), accounting for 47.62% of the total number of stocks.The number of stocks that closed higher than monthly (20-day line) and semi-annual (120-day line) was 1,943 and 1,342, respectively, accounting for 40.87% and 28.23% of the total.In the past three days, the percentage of stocks that closed above the 5-day line in Shanghai and Shenzhen was 54.39%, 52.31% and 47.62%, respectively.The proportion of stocks that closed above the 5-day line peaked and fell for two consecutive days, but overall remained above the mean.If the ratio of the future market continues to break down, the focus of investment needs to shift to the structural opportunities in the market.Disclaimer: This article is based on big data production, only for reference, does not constitute any investment advice, therefore the operation risk oneself.