OPPO Find X5 series configuration, appearance exposure

2022-09-16 0 By

The OPPO Find X5 series will be released on the evening of The 24th of This month.The Find X5 series consists of three versions, standard edition, Pro edition (Qualcomm) and Pro Breguet edition.Appearance: Full system one design, front front curved screen with holes in the upper left corner, back lens continues Find X3 crater, add some ergonomic design.Pro version of the three color details are different, the blue version is plain leather material, lens cover is a piece of metal, the lens has a slight bulge.The black and white color is integrated with ceramic, the black lens cover plate is matte, and the white is completely integrated.The standard version has a glass body, and the black and white ones are coarse ones. The scientific name is crystal drill process, and the gradient one is normal AG.The FIND X5 standard lens has a glass cover and a metal frame that rises slightly above the cover glass, a bit like putting a lid on a mineral water bottle.Configuration: Standard Snapdragon 888 processor, Mariana X self-developed NPU, 1080P OLED curved screen, supplier with exposure from BOE, 50 million IMX766 dual master camera + microscope, 4800 mah battery +80W quick charge.Pro version of Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor, Mariana X chip, 2K E4 AMOLED screen LTPO2.0, the same 50 million dual main camera, the wide Angle main camera has a glass lens, microscope macro lens, 5000 mah +80W cable +50W wireless.Compared to the Pro, the Breguet version has a Breguet 9000 processor, no Mariana X chip, no Hassel, and so on.Look so, the price of phecas edition can compare 8Gne1 edition to want a bit lower, about 300 yuan or so.