Lisun Precision: Controlling shareholder Lisun Co., Ltd. plans to buy chery shares held by Qingdao Wudaokou for RMB 10.054 billion

2022-09-16 0 By

Play On February 11, according to the news agency reported, Lixun precision announcement, the company and Chery Group signed the “strategic cooperation framework Agreement”, and Chery new energy to set up a joint venture company, specializing in new energy vehicle research and development and manufacturing.On the date of signing the agreement, the company’s controlling shareholder Lixun Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Wudaokou signed the Equity Transfer Agreement, which stipulates that LiXun Co., Ltd. will purchase 19.88% equity of Chery Holding, 7.87% equity of Chery And 6.24% equity of Chery New Energy held by Qingdao Wudaokou at RMB 10.054 billion. After the completion of the transaction,Rixun Co., Ltd. does not control Chery Holdings, Chery shares and Chery New Energy.On the same day, it was announced that LUXSHARE PRECISION, an overseas wholly-owned subsidiary, planned to acquire 74.67% shares of Convergence technology at HK $0.8 per share, with a total consideration of HK $1.104 billion.