Kim Yu-na’s comments on Valieva were blamed by Chinese netizens for slanting her. If she won, she would not hold the ceremony

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Beijing time on February 15, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games women figure skating individual short program will start.The spotlight will be on the Russian trio of Trusova, Serbakova and Valieva.The International Olympic Committee has announced that there will be no medal ceremony as long as Valieva finishes in the top three.”These days have been very difficult for me,” Valieva said yesterday after receiving permission to compete in the following individual events, According to Russian media.I no longer have enough emotion, I am happy, but at the same time I am emotionally tired.So there were tears of happiness and a little tears of sadness.At the same time, I’m definitely happy to go to the Olympics and try to represent our country.I hope I can listen and show my results as much as possible, “South Korean winter Olympic figure skating champion Kim Yuna wrote on social media yesterday afternoon.” Athletes who violate doping regulations should not compete.This rule should be strictly enforced without exceptions.”Four hours after Posting, her comment had more than 150,000 likes and nearly 6,000 likes.The roots of Kim’s voice can be traced back to a delayed drug test for her compatriot Yelim in the Junior Grand Prix. (Yelim turned out negative.)At the time, the panel decided that age was, in principle, irrelevant in order for athletes to comply with anti-doping rules.The fact that the alleged person in question was very young (13 years old) at the time of the ANTI-doping control is therefore irrelevant in this respect.If a young athlete signs up for an organized sport, she must compete in accordance with the rules of the game, including rules that could result in disciplinary action for violating the rules.This is especially appropriate in figure skating, where athletes tend to emerge on the international stage at a younger age, and Yelim lost and was warned.Here are some Japanese netizens’ comments on Kim’s remarks – it’s understandable that he protects athletes under 16.However, I think if it refers to the protection of persons under 16 years of age, I don’t think it should be announced at the time of ‘suspension’, because anyone can imagine that there will be such criticism coming from all over the world on this issue.Maybe she will be severely vilified and criticized on social media, and for a 15-year-old girl, the mental burden is as great as suspension of school.If it is an interim treatment, not a final decision, then the media should be careful not to leak such information is the real “under 16 protection”, not the treatment of her behavior.I think.I think even under 16, as long as she’s Olympic qualified, that personality should be fairly judged, but I think it’s a protection to make sure that criticism doesn’t apply to her.It seems to be a ruling from the point of view of “protecting under 16”, but priority should be given to whether there are adverse effects on the athlete’s body before discussing the athlete’s life, and it stands to reason that the athlete should not be allowed to participate.I think, I think the people around Valieva should be expelled from the game and punished accordingly.I felt sorry for you earlier, but I think Russia should be excluded from the Olympics, including the Summer Olympics, unless individual sports can also be improved.At first, it’s supposed to be just a palliative for individual sports, but while curling seems to have nothing to do with doping in athletics, its presence in team sports has become too much.If the criteria for disqualification of doping are relaxed simply because they are young, then doping in young athletes will be rampant because of adult speculation and the risk of adverse health effects on young athletes will increase.She is fighting fierce men from all over the world in the adult world, so if the rules are different from the adults, the rules are not the rules.If that happens once, it could spread to other sports, or rather, it could spread.Kim said herself that the hard work and dreams of all athletes are equally valuable. She is so righteous. Why not comment on Wong dae-sin’s behavior?Her mistake is wrong in, want to evaluate all evaluation, a bowl of water end uneven, how to serve the crowd?Jia Jing Ruomong: what you said is right, but if you pull the bar, you will be banned. What about malicious fouls?Say something about the guy who insults people’s faces with ice skates.As the first grand Slam women’s singles champion in the history of skating, Kim Yu-na has the qualification and obligation to speak out for the fairness and justice of the sport.The problem is That Kim yu-na is clean.What’s wrong with her comment?Beans love to eat fried beans – : this seems to have no problem, but how to let the small west eight said how strange.Wenqi is equal to uninhibited: not every Korean is small west eight good?Please know who Kim Yu-na is before you speak!What’s the difference between you discriminating against Koreans and europeans and Americans discriminating against Chinese?520MyHeart: I’d be more impressed if every American dad complained about asthma and HYPERactivity.Film Bear: can you talk about the actual situation, don’t rush ah, speechless.