In the story of “Relying on Heaven and Killing Dragons”, only four people fought against Zhang Sanfeng. Can Zhang Wuji win the battle against Zhang Sanfeng?

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I like The indecisive Zhang Wuji less than the indecisive Zhang Sanfeng in Louis Cha’s classic martial arts novel “Lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon.Recently, when I occasionally read martial arts articles, I found a lot of titles such as “XXX can beat Zhang Sanfeng with three moves”, “XXX can crush Zhang Sanfeng”, “XXX plays Zhang Sanfeng in seclusion” and so on.I expressed very puzzled about this, these articles said that those hidden in the corners of the talent, who really suffered zhang Sanfeng half a move?Today, “history book Lingxuange” will use this article to sort out the four masters who really played with Zhang Sanfeng.Let’s measure zhang sanfeng’s strength through the performance of these four shots, and ask readers to stop believing that anyone in Jin Yong’s Wuxia can crush Zhang Sanfeng.Even if it is dugu beg defeat revives, also not necessarily dozen had zhang Lao Dao.Because there is a saying called “practice martial arts not compared with xiuxian.”In the book, zhang Cuishan and Yu Daiyan are not the first characters to appear, but He Zudao and Zhang Sanfeng.He Zudao is known as the “three sages of Kunlun”. He calls himself the Sages of qin, Chess and sword.The character of He zudao resembles Yang Xiao in the new film, both of whom are elegant scholars in long blue coats.He foot road martial arts is very strong, he went all the way from the Western Regions to the Central Plains, is to single shaolin.He Foot road one hand piano, one hand with a sword, easily defeated three Shaolin monks.The abbot of Shaolin was embarrassed and did not know what to do.At this point, Zhang Sanfeng stepped forward and beat He Zudao into a scramble with a set of very shallow “Arhat long fists”, described in the original work as follows: “Poof, He Zudao shoulder punch.To my surprise, Zhang Junbao was so young, his boxing skills were so strange, and his internal force was so deep that he could not stand on his feet and retreated three steps to the left.”Zhang Sanfeng at this time only fifteen or sixteen years old, he hit what foot road back three steps.Just ask, even if only 15 or 16 years old Zhang Sanfeng, also enough to single pick one of the four Ming Dharma Kings!2, Lu Jangke VS Zhang Sanfeng Xuanming is in a very high position in “The Book of Heaven And Dragon Slaughter”, the author feels that in addition to Lao Zhang, Xiao Zhang and Shaolin three buddhist monks, the strongest is Xuanming.Don’t say bright teaches 4 big law king, even if be Yang Xiao and Fan Yao, also deal with the Yin cold palm force of 2 old of dark dark hard.Yang Xiao moves the universe to practice to the second layer, may transfer part of the Yin cold palm force.In front of Zhang Sanfeng, lu Jangke, one of the two old men, was completely killed in seconds, and even the seconds are not enough to reflect the gap between him and Zhang Sanfeng.The original description of “Leaning on the Sky and Killing the Dragon” is as follows: “The man suddenly felt his shoulder heaved and his body was so heavy that he could not lift his feet off the ground. Zhang Sanfeng approached him quietly and laid his left hand lightly on his shoulder.The man was surprised, the heart know Zhang Sanfeng just strength a spit, their dead also seriously injured.”We can see from this description, lu Jangke in front of Zhang Sanfeng, let alone a hand, he even have no qualification to escape.Zhang Sanfeng if you want to seconds off the deer scepter, the deer scepter estimated that there is no consciousness.Zhang Wuji at the end of the book, also can not achieve such a level of crushing the two xuanming.In The Story of Leaning on The Sky and Killing the Dragon, no one can hurt Zhang Sanfeng.The only way to deal with Chang Sanfeng is by surprise attack.Empty phase is also called just phase, he is to rely on a sneak attack to clap zhang Sanfeng one hand, and is to clap at the key.The original description of The book is as follows: He also knew that emptiness was so sad that he became mentally confused and regarded himself as the enemy in the confusion. But then he realized that he was wrong. The palm power in his lower abdomen was actually the shaolin god of the outer gate, “King Kong Prajna Palm.”Zhang Sanfeng is in the palm of his hand, he is a process of judgment.He worried that the empty phase was too sad, mentally confused when he accidentally hurt himself.So at first Zhang sanfeng did not decide to fight back.But empty meet after a sneak attack, his face showed a ferocious complacent smile, Zhang Sanfeng this just know his true intention.Then Zhang Sanfeng clapped his hand and killed the empty phase.Many people see this attack as a defeat for Zhang Sanfeng, but I don’t think so.This sneak attack just proved zhang Sanfeng strength is strong.Zhang Sanfeng was attacked after the key, he did not have any panic, but worried about the empty phase accidentally hurt himself, so Zhang Sanfeng did not immediately.In the moment after the truth, Zhang Sanfeng did not choose to retreat, did not choose to kick off just phase, he stepped forward a second just phase.Therefore, Jin Yong added in his narration of the attack: “Zhang Sanfeng’s martial arts were profound, though he had reached the highest stage of following his heart’s desires.”This description is not at all weaker than dugu seeking defeat!Zhang Sanfeng’s excellent fighting consciousness and the fierce and spicy shot are far beyond Zhang Wuji.On the contrary, he was killed by Xie Xun without fighting back, and wuyazi in “Tianlong Eight Bu” was attacked by Ding Chunqiu after all his martial arts, and Zhang Sanfeng only rested for a few months and then became lively again.Zhang Wuji is probably the only one who can compete more than 30 moves with Zhang Sanfeng in the book of Heaven And Dragon Slaughter.In the original novel, did Zhang Wuji play against Zhang Sanfeng?The two men did fight, and a real “fight.”Zhang Wuji rescue Wudang, I do not know whether Zhang Wuji after the martial arts, he shook hands with his master too.Zhang Wuji used internal force when shaking hands, two people came to a contest of internal force.The description of the original work is as follows: “Zhang Sanfeng only felt that the force came from the palm of his hand although it was far less pure and mellow than his own internal force, but it was still and continuous, straight is endless.”Zhang Sanfeng feel Zhang Wuji’s internal force “far less than his internal force pure and pure”, that Zhang Wuji’s internal force is just stained with the “Jiuyang Truth” of the light, can continue, but the explosive force is far less than Zhang Sanfeng.Zhang Sanfeng’s internal force is like a storm and waves, while Zhang Wuji’s internal force is like a river flowing continuously.If let the author to evaluate zhang Wuji and Zhang Sanfeng between this contest, that Zhang Wuji certainly can not take the upper hand, but zhang Sanfeng is a little better, after all, Zhang Sanfeng pure Yang wuji kung has been practicing for nearly a hundred years.Later, when Zhang Wuji abolished xuanming’s martial arts skills, he used 30 tricks to subdue them.More than ten years ago, Zhang Sanfeng can drop the deer scepter in seconds, Zhang Wuji is really inferior to many.So, I think Zhang Wuji is not beat Zhang Sanfeng.