He said is to help people “delivery”, how criminal?

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A car pulled up in front of a restaurant in Fan County, Henan Province. After about three or four minutes, the young man at the wheel slowly opened the door, but the car did not turn off.Men driving like ordinary motorists, naturally open the back door of the car, from the back seat in a supermarket to sausage small packaging carton, then, don’t panic zhang to go to another car parked at the gate of the hotel, next to pass “sausage” box to falling down the window waiting for an older man’s hands.The man in the car then hands the younger man what looks like a file bag.They then drove off separately.The actions of the two men did not attract the attention of any passers-by, but they were already recorded by hidden surveillance cameras of police investigators.In early 2021, public security authorities in Shexian County, Hebei Province, found people suspected of drug trafficking in their area and reported the case to the police.Because the case may involve a large number of people, by the Handan Public Security Bureau designated jurisdiction, the case by the County public Security Bureau transferred to Handan Yongnian District public Security Bureau for investigation.According to the work cooperation mechanism, yongnian District Public Security Bureau immediately invited yongnian District Procuratorate to intervene in the investigation in advance.Then, a personnel involved in Hebei, Henan, Shanxi, Tianjin and other places to sell drugs, allowing others to take drugs joint investigation action launched.In mid-July 2021, the Yongnian District Public Security Bureau, after careful preliminary investigation, quickly mastered an important clue using technical means: Fan Wenhua, 54, was suspected of trafficking drugs.The public security organs immediately carried out control.July 15, many investigators in accordance with the division of labor in advance arrived in Fan County secret “layout”, Fan County police also gave active assistance.One of the key positions of public security control is at the door of a restaurant in Fan County. As expected, the handover process of two suspicious men was arranged in advance of the lens “all in the mirror”.A few minutes after the two men handed over, the young man who got the file bag drove his car into the path home, and the investigators who squatted here blocked both sides and arrested him successfully.Investigators found $50,000 in cash from a “file bag” in the young man’s car.At the same time, the younger and older man got the “ham sausage” carton, somewhere in the 234 National Highway was intercepted by investigators, investigators from his car seized the new drug methcaxidone (commonly known as “long tendon” and “zombie medicine”) 490 grams.Investigators identified the older man caught on National Highway 234 as Pham wenhua, while the younger man who had been caught earlier on the path home was Liu Hongbo, 33.In this pile “business”, Liu Hongbo and Fan Wenhua are the next home, Liu Hongbo shipment, Fan Wenhua purchase, two people via “road inside person” acquaintance, respectively inspected the other side of the “strength” after, hit it off, drugs trade.Liu hongbo admitted that he sold drugs, but refused to explain the source of the drugs.”Why is it called jin?Is there any other name besides tendon?”Police officer Lu beat around the bush.”We usually call them ‘Jin’ and sometimes’ Shanxi Jin ‘.”Liu hongbo replied.”Shanxi tendon?”Liu Hongbo a casual answer let lu police officer thought of what.After further investigation, investigators soon found that Liu hongbo had been in close contact with a man from Shanxi Province, Ma SAN.Immediately, the case staff again to Liu Hongbo launched interrogation, deny the past Liu Hongbo finally admitted that the goods are from the hands of ma SAN, and explained all the criminal facts.According to Liu Hongbo’s account, the case staff will be ma SAN’s case clues handed over to shanxi police for further investigation.Follow the trail dig out more than 20 involved in drug personnel Liu Hongbo account to let the source of drugs have the direction.So where did the drugs Liu hongbo sold to Pham end up?Pham was not new to drugs; he had been detained for drug use.”Buy your own,” Pham said only.Buying 490 grams of the drug at one time, if you just smoke it yourself, makes no sense.How to find evidence that Fan Wenhua sells drugs, become the focus of the case breakthrough.Investigators found that Fan wenhua was in close contact with a man named Jia Feifei, who often transferred money to Fan Wenhua every two or three days. The accumulated flow was large, and the amount of each transfer was 2,000 yuan. These circumstances were unusual.”According to the market price of methcathinone, the transaction price of each gram of methcathinone is generally between 200 yuan and 300 yuan, and the transaction amount on the line is lower, generally about 200 yuan per gram. Then 2,000 yuan per transfer is likely to be the transaction amount of 10 grams of methcathinone.”Analysis of procuratorial policemen and investigators.Investigators quickly tracked down Jia, who eventually confessed to buying methcathitone from Pfan on several occasions.Originally, Jia Feifei took goods from Fan Wenhua here, he took the goods and then let his classmates is his line wu Jiahao to distribute, and Wu Jiahao is to find his good friends, Tianjin wu Born as a deliverer.Every time is Wu Jiahao and people first to talk about a good price, and then called Wu Born will be sent to the place of trade after drug packaging, Wu Born will pack drugs into the tire gap of the relevant vehicle or other designated position, and then take photos to send buyers, buyers through Wu Born sent photos, quietly take drugs.Wu Born understands that this job is to help Wu Jiahao “deliver food”.As the clues to jia feifei breakthrough, investigators by collating Fan Wenhua trading records, and ultimately find relevant personnel more than 20 people buy drugs successively (both live in she county in hebei province), and through the further evidence to be obtained, the personnel suspected of drug trafficking, shelter drug crime fact further master of others.By the end of July 2021, public security officers and soldiers divided into 10 teams captured 29 drug-related criminals including Jia feifei in just over 10 days.Catch and do not catch, distinguish the situation to treat seriously as the detection of this drug crime case, yongniang district public security Bureau preliminary find out, 29 criminal suspects involved in more than 5000 grams of drugs.Before long, the public security organs submitted 29 people involved in the case to the Yongnian District Procuratorate for examination and arrest.In the end, the Procuratorate decided to approve the arrest of 23 drug-related people and not approve the arrest of 6 drug-related people.In the middle of December 2021, the case of drug trafficking and allowing others to take drugs entered the prosecution stage of the procuratorial organ.On January 15, 2022, The Yongnian District Procuratorate prosecuted Liu Hongbo and 21 others to the Yongnian District Court for the crime of drug trafficking and harboring others to take drugs.One of the other two drug-related arrests has been transferred to the Procuratorate of Yushe County in Shanxi Province for prosecution, while the other has been released on bail due to serious illness. He is currently being treated in hospital and will be prosecuted once his condition improves.Handling the case of the prosecutor told reporters that the production and trafficking, abuse of new synthetic drugs, new psychoactive substances in recent years the rapid growth of the case, some entertainment venues and specific groups of abuse prominent, and even appeared in the way of delivery transportation, trafficking drugs, great harm to society.In order to crack down on the crime of delivering drugs and ensure the healthy and orderly operation and development of the delivery industry within the jurisdiction, the Yongnian District Procuratorate combined with the handling of the case and sent a proposal to the local postal department and express delivery enterprises to standardize the delivery operation and plug up the management loopholes.The procuratorial proposal suggests that relevant functional departments and enterprises should cooperate with relevant departments to assume social responsibilities in combating drug crimes while paying attention to their own business development.Relevant departments and enterprise officials said that they will carry out a detailed study of the procuratorial suggestions, formulate implementation plans, establish rules and regulations, plug loopholes, improve the supervision of departments and enterprises, and assist the procuratorial organs in cracking down on drug crimes.At the same time, the Yongnian District Procuratorate further strengthened the publicity and education of new drug prevention, and continuously enhanced the public awareness of drug awareness and drug resistance through special publicity activities.(All names involved in the article are pseudonyms)