Han Yanan: white clothes hold armour, she is the most beautiful rebel

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Han Yanan, female, nurse of Wanquan District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is responsible for nucleic acid collection in Building B of Mountain Technical officer Hotel.After receiving the notice from municipal Health Commission, district Party Committee and district government, we quickly handed over the work and immediately moved into building B of Mountain technical officer Hotel to carry out medical security work.In response to the lack of attention paid by staff to the epidemic in the early days of the Winter Olympics, staff were trained in the scientific use of N95 masks, face screens, gloves and protective clothing, and carried out drills to ensure that staff were skilled in using protective equipment.All the guests in building B of the hotel were foreign broadcasters. Before check-in, the nucleic acid collection team was led to earnestly study the EPIDEMIC prevention Manual V2 edition and actively conduct nucleic acid collection drills to improve their professional quality in an all-round way.Nucleic acid collection is the first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control. In order to master nasopharyngeal swab collection methods, staff members accumulated experience through mutual sampling drills.At the beginning of the technique is not skilled enough, often make partner “tears”.In order to minimize the risk of cross-infection, Han yanan took the initiative to require foreign guests, security team and hotel staff to collect in groups, which increased the workload and intensity of work, but ensured the safety of staff.Nucleic acid collection seems to take only a few seconds, but it takes a lot of time to sort out and check the list, and then seal and transfer samples and test data.In order to ensure the smooth departure of foreign guests, accurate nucleic acid report form, nucleic acid test information is accurate, Han Yanan and hotel staff repeatedly check the arrival and departure information.For days and nights she slept under the stars and the moon.Go to Chongli to protect the Winter Olympics, give up and family reunion, engaged in high-intensity, high-risk work.Individual staff thought, mood inevitably fluctuate, Han Yanan timely grasp their thoughts, life and health status, timely to give encouragement and care.Heedless of their own safety, medical workers headed for the frontline against the virusHan Yanan for their own contribution to a strength, to participate in the Winter Olympics security work, feel very honored.In the work of excellence, the first to set an example, showing the professional quality and mission of a medical worker, wrote a white soldier willing to contribute to the life anthem.