Gonzalez Haase | Functional Aesthetics Gym

2022-09-16 0 By

Ergonomic and intuitive, this one-piece, biorhythm-focused gym, located in a historic Berlin post office, proves that functionality can be beautiful.Designed by Gonzalez Haase, the team fully restored the 600-by-600 square footprint, opting for a neutral interior that encourages a holistic harmony of mind and body.Commissioned by brothers Nicolas and Timothy Hagius, this circadian rhythm-based fitness studio is home to a team of trainers, orthopedic surgeons and neurologists who have designed concepts rooted in light, sound, aroma and rhythm.Lights are dimmed to minimise blue waves and prevent disruption of melatonin production during exercise, while fragrance studio Aoiro has developed custom scents with natural ingredients to encourage different biorhythm responses throughout the day.Spatially, Gonzalez Haase removed all elements deemed unnecessary structurally in order to create two spines that open up views across the length of the building.Round matte stainless steel panels are installed at either end of the central axis to reflect light throughout the space.On the east side, the circular back wall houses drinking fountains, while on the west side, sound equipment and bespoke incense fixtures line the walls.Using raw raw materials such as aluminium, maple, granite, linen and burssen to create a palette of texture sensations that beg to be touched and highlight the physical nature of the site.The four-metre-high walls are split horizontally and have different paint textures.The granular finish at the top transmits light, while the smooth lower half captures every movement initiated by the visitor, mimicking the flow of activity.As the studio pushes clients back to a more “natural state,” Gonzalez Haase makes sure there are no hidden coatings or treated surfaces in the design.The color of each material used retains its natural origin or original production.”We have created a form of complexity in a space that, at first glance, may seem relatively simple due to the serenity it exudes.”This complexity stems from unusual surfaces and unusual material composition,” explains principal architect Pierre Jorge Gonzalez.The materiality and lighting choices create clear aesthetic differences between the various Spaces and their functions.The treatment rooms are bathed in warm light and textured walls to create a cocoon effect, while the training area is more rigorous with clean lines, stainless steel panelled walls and overhead lighting.Custom elements, such as a polished stainless steel mesh for boxing glove storage, serve as an aesthetic solution that blends into the interior.”It’s like being in a chef’s kitchen: if the equipment makes sense, if it’s positioned correctly and ergonomic, you’ll feel it immediately.Features can be beautiful.”