36,000 young volunteers in Linyi fight on the front line of the epidemic

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In linyi client news on the afternoon of April 6, the Information Office of Linyi Municipal People’s Government held the seventeenth press conference on the theme series of coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic operation.Reporters learned from the press conference that in the face of the complex and severe epidemic prevention and control situation, the city’s more than 370 municipal and above youth Civilization collectives, 19,000 youth league members came forward to fight in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, blowing the “epidemic” bugle.The city’s 36,000 young volunteers have been working on the front line of fighting the epidemic, with a total service time of more than 500,000 hours.The Communist Youth League of China resolutely implemented the arrangements of the Communist Youth League of China, jointly with the Municipal Youth Federation, the Municipal Students Federation, the Municipal Youth Enterprise Association and the Municipal Youth Volunteers Association, issued an initiative on March 15, asking for young people to play a new force and commando role in epidemic prevention and control.For more than half a month, the city’s youth league organizations at all levels and the majority of youth league members, youth federation members, youth enterprise association members, young volunteers fully carry forward the fine tradition of “the Party has the call, the youth league has the action”, listen to the order to move, actively engaged in the front line of fighting the epidemic, listen to the command, do in the front, with practical action to write the youth responsibility.We will give full play to the leading role of township and sub-district youth work committees.To implement the working mechanism of “cities catching townships”, establish a system of contact and assistance between the youth League committees of cities and counties to form joint efforts.The city’s 156 villages and towns (street) QingGongWei based on its function, organize organs young cadre, good rural youth, village-level grid member, member youth, young to join the party activists, college volunteers, returning to sink a line, orderly participation sample point order maintenance, epidemic prevention stations on duty, voluntary support registration and statistical monitoring information, etc.More than 2,700 members of town and street youth working committees contacted and led more than 11,000 members of village-level youth league organizations to actively participate in publicity, dynamic screening, nucleic acid testing, isolation and control, emergency drills and other work.Youth commandos have been set up in various sectors.Youth commando “released” the disease is to recruit, mobilize the whole city youth league at various levels and in various fields and trades to fully give play to the role of powerhouse and the commandos, in medical and rescue and transportation, the project construction, village in the prevention and control, security operation and production of medical supplies, isolation supplies, nucleic acid detection, flow tracking, emergency services, and other fields,More than 1,250 youth commandos with more than 25,000 members have been set up to carry out epidemic prevention and control work in areas where it is most needed.More than 370 municipal and above youth Civilization collectives and 19,000 youth league members have stepped forward to fight the “epidemic” in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Actively carry out a series of youth volunteer service activities.In accordance with the principle of “recruiting people at the nearest place, providing standardized services, and helping people without making trouble”, the city mobilized more than 50,000 young volunteers, organized more than 4,000 young volunteers to serve more than 2,000 communities, and devoted themselves to epidemic prevention and control.Up to now, 36,000 young volunteers have worked for more than 500,000 hours.The government has continued to provide voluntary services of “giving to The Devotees”, focusing on providing services such as running errands and taking care of family life for medical workers, public security police and grassroots officials and their families on the front lines of fighting COVID-19, and providing strong rear support for those who are “going against the tide”.We organized the campaign of “Call for response to the epidemic and help the Youth” to donate supplies, actively mobilized the Youth Enterprise Association and other caring enterprises on all fronts to collect protective clothing, masks, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention supplies, with a total value of more than 5 million yuan, to ensure that grassroots youth league organizations carry out voluntary epidemic prevention services.Pay attention to propaganda and guide efforts to create a strong atmosphere.New media platforms such as wechat, Weibo, Douyin and Kuaishou have been used to release authoritative information on epidemic prevention and control, as well as updates and touching stories of youth league organizations at all levels and youth league members’ participation in epidemic prevention and control.It has collaborated with youth social organizations to write anti-epidemic songs and organized young artists to publicize knowledge and policy interpretation through calligraphy, painting and short videos.Outbreak control broadcast of “cloud”, “youth fight disease |” cloud “move together!”Live fitness classes, leading the majority of young people at home to strengthen their physical fitness, sports to fight the epidemic.Taking advantage of the strong opportunity of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Mission, we will give priority to youth groups and individuals at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 in terms of selection, praise and honor applications.A comprehensive collation and editing by the reporter of the daily financial media: Ginny Lu