20 tons of quarantine supplies, 500 kilometers of road…Shanghai fire special service detachment “flame blue” in action!And “Blue friend” as “Baymax”

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A truck loaded with supplies leaves pudong New Area Elderly Service Center at 368 Yuanshen Road in Pudong, East China’s Guangdong Province, April 2, 2019.Song Linfeng, Zhang Xuan and Wu Lei from Pengpu Station of Shanghai Fire and Rescue Corps are in charge of the material transport.Vegetables, fruits, eggs…About 5 tons of materials, by three firefighters and pension center staff to help load the truck, each nursing home and then cooperate with the unloading, sent a family and non-stop to the next……On April 2 alone, they drove nearly 200 kilometers, leaving at 2 PM and returning to the center at 1 am the next day, Song recalled.”We were sent to the Service center for the Elderly in Pudong New Area to assist during the epidemic. Our work was not fixed and we left as soon as we received the assignment.”Song linfeng told Zhou Jun that in addition to transporting supplies, he would help unload and sort out supplies at the nursing center.During the epidemic, countless firefighters like Song linfeng and them formed the “Flame Blue” service team, dedicated to the frontline epidemic prevention and transportation work.It is reported that so far, the secret Service detachment “Flame Blue” service team has transported about 20 tons of various kinds of daily necessities and epidemic prevention supplies, safe mileage of 500 kilometers.Work gap, the service team does not forget “line”, but also popularized fire safety knowledge.In addition, there are many isolated firefighters in the community directly transferred to “baymax” as community volunteers.Blue friend becomes Baymax!During the period of isolation at home, Ma Ning, chief of the cadre Section of the Shanghai Fire and Rescue Corps, actively contacted the neighborhood committee and applied to join the volunteer team of epidemic prevention and control in the community. He loaded and unloaded and distributed more than 600 emergency supplies, providing residents with various heart-warming services.In the city-wide nucleic acid test on April 4, Ma Ning came to the neighborhood Committee at 6 am and started various preparations. She worked for nearly 10 hours in a row, collecting test information, scanning health cloud registration codes and guiding residents to queue up in an orderly manner, serving more than 1,000 people in the community.Special service Detachment command center junior professional and technical cadres Xu Yini took the initiative to show the identity of a party member, the first time to sign up to participate in community epidemic prevention volunteer service, the implementation of community epidemic prevention and security patrol tasks, publicity of epidemic prevention and control knowledge……Lu Jun, chief of logistics and Support Section of the Secret Service Detachment, took the initiative to volunteer in the community, distributing epidemic prevention materials and COVID-19 antigen testing reagents door-to-door to residents, and assisting the elderly to take samples for self-testing. He has served nearly 500 people for antigen testing.During the epidemic, countless firefighters formed “flame Blue” service teams, some delivering supplies on the road, some doing “Baymax” in the community…For these firefighters who shoulder the dual task of epidemic prevention and fire prevention, Zhou Zhujun would like to say: hard!In the prevention and control of the epidemic, we will defend “Shanghai” together.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai