Why is bamboo, which has been with Sichuan people for generations, gradually abandoned by us?

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In the Sichuan Basin, where there used to be bamboo, there may be no homes, but where there are homes, there must be bamboo!The ancients once said, would rather eat no meat, can not live without bamboo!It can be seen how important bamboo is in the life of sichuan people from generation to generation!In fact is not only in sichuan, the whole for Chinese bamboo these plants have very deep feelings, especially the southern region vast, bamboo since ancient times have blended in all aspects of people’s life, there is no bamboo, people’s quality of life is to discount, bamboo can not only for the viewing, laid its stalk its root can also used as a medicine, the bamboo shoots can also make delicious food.The most important thing is that bamboo and the utensils made of bamboo can support half the sky of people’s farming and household life.In Sichuan, where the author lives, a baby has been living with bamboo from birth to growth, from a bamboo cradle, a baby’s back basket, to his mother’s bamboo fan, chopsticks for eating, and MATS for sleeping…When we were a little older, we saw that in the middle of those earthen walls there would be beaten bamboo to increase the pulling force;The skeletons of thatched cottages in the countryside were all made of bamboo;In addition, bind firewood, bind crops, tie fences, mostly bamboo rope to complete!There are too many household goods made of bamboo, such as chopsticks, brush handles, shau kei, steamer, rice steamer, vegetable basket, basket carriers, basket carriers, rice sieve, 箥箥, bamboo basket, strainer and so on.And their basketry beds, bamboo MATS, bamboo chairs, broomsticks and cloaks…There are too many to list!Once upon a time, in the long river, a long history of bamboo for people, there is very important, if a family built a house, the first thing to do is probably around the house or around planted two round bamboo, bamboo forest can not only bring the courtyard shade after more importantly when needed can be cut down to use at any time!But who also have never thought, with the development of the society and the progress of era, the role of bamboo slowly becomes gradually, the first is people’s homes have become brick structure, and other plastic products are widely used in people’s life, a lot of bamboo products is quietly economic applicable plastic instead of metal, of course people not don’t know the superiority of bamboo natural attribute,However, the production process of bamboo weaving products is complex, and the price has already changed from once cheap goods to valuable handicrafts, because the preparation of a bamboo product not only requires technology, but also needs a lot of time!The most important, including the author in this generation, will make bamboo weaving products are rare, many people will bamboo weaving has entered the age of years, will these skills will be more and more difficult to find, these traditional skills of heritage danger has become inevitable, because the younger generation has no one wants to learn the traditional bamboo weaving technology!Bamboo is no longer a necessity for our life. The bamboo forest grows thicker and thicker because it is not cut down, leading to poor lighting of the house. Therefore, many rural people begin to uproot the bamboo in front and back of the house, and then plant trees and flowers with better lighting and economy!Bamboo is no longer planted around newly built houses.Bamboo has thus become a despised plant!Bamboo used to be so indispensable in our lives. It has been used in every aspect of our homes for generations. Is it a progress of society or a tragedy for the whole world?