Suzhou fire front guard guard China women’s football isolation point safety

2022-09-15 0 By

On the morning of February 8, the Chinese women’s football team returned to Suzhou for “14+7” health monitoring.Prior to this, suzhou firefighters had arrived at the isolation hotel in advance to carry out fire safety supervision and guidance and prepare for work in advance to ensure the safety of the female football players during the isolation period.”The hotel itself is not a key fire safety unit, but it is often used as a quarantine hotel, so the team will carry out regular supervision and inspection.”The relevant head of the fire department said that in the morning of February 8, the fire brigade of the women’s soccer isolation hotel to carry out a comprehensive and meticulous fire safety supervision and guidance.Supervisors mainly check the hotel safety exit and evacuation channel unblocked situation and indoor fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, fire escape “four small pieces” and other fire facilities and equipment.In view of the situation of fire prevention and control in winter and spring, supervisors put forward guiding opinions on the implementation of the on-duty management system in the fire control room and the storage safety measures of alcohol and other disinfection products.The supervisor required the hotel to implement the daily fire inspection and on-duty system in accordance with the “Key Points of Fire Prevention and Control in Centralized Isolation Points during the Epidemic”, clarify the fire safety work responsibilities of fire safety management personnel and staff at all positions, strengthen the fire safety training of staff, strengthen self-inspection and rectification, and improve the ability to deal with emergencies.Before the arrival of the women’s football team, the Suzhou Fire Department had made a complete emergency plan and determined the safe evacuation route inside the hotel together with the relevant person in charge.”Whether it’s a quarantine hotel or a football training center, we can be there within five minutes.”Officials said thorough arrangements were made to ensure that fire and rescue workers could pull, rush and win at any time to ensure the safety of the women’s soccer players.(Photo by Ni Xianhui, Reporter for Sina News, Xie Jinqiuwen)