Source of Art Students: Is it meaningful for art students to repeat?

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Every year after the college entrance examination, some people are happy and some people are worried.Recently, the association of servants asked Sister Tang: I made a mistake in this year’s college entrance examination, do I want to repeat?Did you make a big mistake in your sats?Did you get three near the line or two near the line?Are you mentally strong?If the answer to any of these questions is yes, repeat reading is indeed an option.Some people go back to the academy of Fine Arts for a year, and some people go back to the school still muddled, evaded, unwilling to face.1, psychological pressure if the struggle in senior three feel at ease, then the efforts to re-read are often covered with a layer of haze.This layer of haze from family, peers, and yourself, often stay up late in the studio to three to four are almost restudy, they want to experience is not only a family, own, and the pressure of the people around you, as a restudy them more have no time to waste, they bear too much, but the teacher elder sister as exemptions to be strong.Behind the sad, only their own understand.So, in this environment, the test is not only learning ability, but also personal psychological ability, do you have confidence?Restudy bear the greater pressure, a lot of psychological quality itself is not a good classmate, will appear more “mentality explosion”, “bottleneck”, “draw down”, “progress is too small” problems of this, understandably, but often it is melodramatic, choose their own way, to insist teeth, take a good arrange painting ideas clearly,Draw each picture faithfully and stick to it. You will find that stability is the best progress.The time of financial stress is gone forever. A year can bring you a lot of things, but at the same time, it also loses a lot.College is a year late, work is a year later.Repeat intensive training will cost tens of thousands more, parents’ hard-earned money.This year will delay your entry into the society, and consume the energy of your family and the economy. The second year is just like a spinning wheel. If you turn once and get no desired result, you will turn again with greater effort, but you do not know what good result will be achieved.If the problems you encountered in the previous year resurface in the second year, your mood may be even worse and your stress levels will be even greater.3, policy pressure the use of new teaching materials, the reform of examination propositions, the system of elective courses and other changes in policy, all of which are unknown, the policy risk of the repeat students is indeed much greater than that of fresh graduates.Are you ready to take on those risks if they happen?In fact, these problems will occur whether it is the second study of culture or the second study of art. If you think there is no need to take the second study at a random college, it is also ok, but when you finally choose to upgrade, in fact, it is better to take the second study. If you are determined to change your fate,So these under your firm doesn’t consider as what, pond sister want to reread the classmate say, you choose your own fate, your control don’t tube what others say, and as long as you work hard, also won’t live up to what our family well-meaning, but your efforts must be rewarded, if there is any reply or training can direct messages pond sister answer for you