Kowloon Beach Filling Station start to pick up water!Jintang 304,000 mu of farmland has water to drink

2022-09-15 0 By

At 5pm on March 28th, the staff on duty of Jiulongtan irrigation station pressed the key, and the no. 1 unit was officially started. The water broke through the gate and came out with a roar, which marked the beginning of this year’s spring irrigation and water lifting work in Jiulongtan Irrigation district of Jintang County.The reporter learned that the water is expected to arrive at Guanyintang secondary station, Baimiaozi secondary station, Black Huangsi tertiary station and Jinlong quaternary station through the main canal in the early morning of the next day, and then gradually to the towns (streets) of the fields, so that the farmland is irrigated in time.It is reported that jiulongtan Irrigation Project was built in the 1960s, is one of the large irrigation areas in Sichuan Province, is also one of the largest water pumping irrigation areas in southwest China.Irrigation area is located in the northeast of the chengdu plain, east of longquan mountain, river and information between river water, is mainly composed of water pumping irrigation pumping station and systems engineering, has four flow of 6000 cubic meters per hour and 1 unit flow of 4000 cubic meters per hour, design channels 178 km, through the extraction of tuojiang river water power level 4, again through various channels of water for irrigation.County Jiulongtan irrigation station comprehensive service center director Shen Chuanmin told reporters, irrigation area this spring irrigation water work plan for 3 months, is expected to end at the end of June, will be irrigation area water supply more than 35 million cubic meters, to ensure irrigation area spring farming production water.”Today we officially started spring irrigation. Currently, we have two pumps that can lift 12,000 cubic meters of water per hour. We plan to add another pump during peak hours to reach 18,000 cubic meters of water per hour.This will meet the huaikou street, Ginko street, high board street, Sanxi town, Zhaojia Town, Fuxing town, Jinlong Town, Zhuanglong town, nine towns and streets 304,000 acres of farmland water in time.”Yuan Ziyu, Reporter of Jintang Rong Media Center (source: JINtang APP)